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Causes of back pain

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let's Consider the definition of a number of medical terms associated with back pain and their treatment. And tell us about it Davydov Alexey Yurievich - doctor-the traumatologist of the Dnipropetrovsk clinic Medina. Diversified is Your family's health!

causes of a herniated disc directly:

  • Osteochondrosis
  • Constant heavy load of a physical nature;
  • Moved all sorts of injuries;
  • directly to the Underdevelopment of the muscular system;
  • Hereditary factor plays a very important role;
  • a Violation of water-salt metabolism in the spine.

Interesting info - when the research was that 70% of the "patients" are diagnosed using magnetic resonance imaging hernias absent any clinical manifestations.
Tacco there is a statement that one of the primary causes of diseases of the spine, namely blockades of vertebrae are pathological processes in the muscles of the back.


Remember with a few quotes:

  • “it is Easier to quickly put a sick man on your feet than to put a correct diagnosis". Tadeusz Ginger;
  • “One of the very izvestnyz diseases - to make the correct diagnosis". Karl Kraus
  • «Healthy people are the same sick people that don't even think it's about". Jules Romain.

the question Arises in these debates: what is primary and what is secondary and where the true cause of this painful condition? And the reason is deeper and higher. From the position holistyczny (sees the body as a whole), biological medicine, the cause is a diseased body and need to treat the whole organism with its disease and not disease in the body. The spine in the same degree depends on the internal organs as they do from him.
approach to the treatment of this problem in the clinic Medinua:

  1. the Correct psycho-physical mode;
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. treating the entire body. Individual selection and prescription of homoeopathic medicines;
  4. Ozone.

the Technique of ozone therapy involves the gradual alternation of the paravertebral (around the spine) to introduce an ozone-oxygen mixture, and also procedures, which include intravenous infusion of ozonized physiological solution. A combination of several methods of biological medicine greatly complements each other and reinforces and accelerates the achievement of treatment results, acting on all links of pathogenesis of the disease and having no side effects.

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