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Frequent faults of refrigerators

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Today we talk about the most frequent malfunctions of the refrigerator and tell us about them I. Ivanov, K. - employee of the online shop TEND, which, in turn, focuses on .


Unpleasant odors in the chamber

This can be for several reasons, the main ones are:

  • improper use
  • negligent care;
  • accumulation of fluid in the partition walls;
  • long simple closed broken refrigerator
  • storage of food products, which emit an unpleasant odor.

Quick formation of ice and snow

In the refrigerator is formed of snow present in the air moisture, which, when hit, condenses on its walls.this Often is a faulty door gasket of the refrigerator.


Not cooling

If there is no cooling but the compressor is working, the cause of failure is often a leak of freon. Also it can be:

  • corrosion or breakage of valves;
  • filter clogging-capillary;
  • freezing of the moisture in the unit.

Poor cooling products

the Reason for this may be the congestion of the products and, consequently, insufficient air circulation, as well as the lack of cooling of the bottom of the camera. If the cooling is uniformly bad, then the 1st thing you need to check the temperature. If not, then it could be insufficient cooling of the condenser as a result of lack of oxygen or high temperature. Also, the cause may be: a clogged strainer or capillary leakage of refrigerant.


Compressor (motor) is running without a shutdown

you Need to pay attention to the temperature in the room and on the knob of the temperature controller. If the maximum set temperature, and ambient temperature 30 ° C and wiseco, the work of a refrigerator is not a sign of its failure. If the above mentioned conditions in your case are not suitable, then unfortunately, you broke the thermostat. If in addition to the continuous work You still and bad products are cooled, then it is a freon leak.


Not working compressor (the motor)

If the compressor (motor) of the fridge as if "dead" - it doesn't mean that broke it. The cause of this failure can be damage to outdoor wiring, as well as the failure of relay, thermostat.


Increased noise cooling unit

If during operation the refrigerator issues: rattling, rattling, unnatural noise and other sounds, then it may be a couple of options. Ranging from the banal attachment disorders to more serious defects: rattling in the relay, failure of the refrigeration unit, etc.


Beating the current

If when you touch the metal parts of the refrigerator you constantly or only when the compressor feel the electric current then this indicates a current leakage to the housing, and this should not be. If you found the problem, immediately turn off the refrigerator from the electrical outlet for your own security. To determine the leakage due to the master, and defective wire or electrical equipment needs to be replaced. In extreme cases, can properly insulate the place of the breakdown.

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