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Timberland: the story of yellow shoes

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the History of this manufacturer of outerwear with America starts in 1952, the Founder of this brand is a Ukrainian immigrant Nathan Schwartz (born in Odessa and emigrated to America before the beginning of the 1st World War). For a long time, continuing the family tradition, Nathan worked as a shoemaker. However, unlike its relatives, this role did not suit him - he wanted so much more. Therefore, Mr. Schwartz saved money and waited for the right time. So in 1952 he decided to acquire a 50 % stake in the company, The Abington Shoe Company (at that time she was an unknown), which was located in Abington, near Boston in Massachusetts. Case Nathan went well and, after 3 years-ri, he becomes a full owner of The Abington Shoe Company, acquiring the remaining shares. By the time his sons have helped him. But even that Nathan seemed to be insufficient — he wanted that his company became very famous.

In 1965, a new technology that allowed for a combination of leather uppers with soles without seams, and also increased resistance. This had an impact on the huge growth in popularity of the footwear produced in the factory of Mr. Schwartz. By the way, the 1st shoes created by new technology, were yellow. According to the official legend: "They were specially made, because such a mark color all their virtues were visible especially good. A pair of such shoes today is at the Design Museum in London. Yellow color also played another 1-well the important role — shoes became recognizable.

an Important event takes place in 1973 — a new brand Timberland. The name translated from English.,means "forest land" — the so-called rich in valuable timber forests. The logo, which is even logical, you can see the American oak. In connection with the growing popularity of the brand, in 1978 the company was renamed The Timberland Company. By that time, Timberland was already very famous, both in the US and in Europe, especially in Italy. And it happened thanks to the resident of Italy - Giuseppe Veronese that in 1979 he bought a batch of 3 thousand pairs of shoes, and the next year came in excited for the next batch. So controlled by Giuseppe Veronese company Ritz Firma, became the 1st distributor of Timberland in Europe. By the way, you can purchase in the online store:

In 1988, the light goes 1st clothing Timberland, which was accepted by the audience very favorably. Originally only men's collection, but, after a few years, and female. And in 1996 a new children's collection.

Today, the brand Timberland drains (the number of stores have exceeded 1000), you can find in all corners of our planet. The company's production facilities are also widely scattered. Over the past few years the Timberland company The Company swallowed a couple of well-known brands (GoLite, Howies, SmartWool, iPatch, Mion). As for the old name "Timberland", now known as 1 from the collections of shoes.

the Company, as before is the family business. Its headquarters is located in Boston.


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