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What are contact lenses

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Lens called contact, because it is directly worn on the eyeball, the cornea and contact with a biologically active tissue. Let's talk about them in more detail. And tell us about it Ivanov A. P. - employee online store where, by the way, you can buy .

requirements for the lens:

  • hypoallergenic
  • smoothness
  • should not cause any discomfort foreign body on the cornea
  • should not cause a burning sensation;
  • shouldn't irritate eyes
  • should not cause inflammation;
  • have to give good quality vision.

these requirements correspond to the today major lens manufacturers.

Contact lens you can:

  • to do any kind of sports;
  • does not limit the field of view;
  • has no effect on the fogging.

There are certain nuances when the negligent attitude of the patient for contact lenses leads to many complications.

There's the lenses, the term immediate wear is one week. Most experienced ophthalmologists do not recommend wearing the lenses for a week. Because a high-quality contact lens would not have been, the access of oxygen and washing the protective film of the eye is deteriorating, he suffers from lack of nourishment and hydration. So it's best that the eye rested. The lens should be worn from morning to evening, and at night be sure to remove. The best option is the monthly lenses. They are most useful if used correctly. In terms of price it is also the best option. Better when the patient has two types of keystone correction and ocular and contact. Because it can be combined. Weekend at home to use glasses, when eye strain lenses.

you Should pay attention to the expiration date of contact lenses.

They are divided into:

  • daily;
  • Sunday
  • monthly
  • quarterly.

Also there are soft and rigid lenses. Soft lens is a corrective, hard - therapeutic. It is used in astigmatism. Therefore, be sure to adhere to the expiration date. Actually, they are called replacement lenses.

When the patient uses the lens, the shelf life of greater than one day, you put it in a special solution, where it is disinfected. You also need to respect the term of use solutions, be sure to monitor the cleanliness of the container and hands.
there Are times when people within 5-10 years using the lenses and then the Allergy begins. Therefore, patients who use contact the correction should be at the doctor every six months to avoid any complications.

When there are indications for the correction. For example, there are contact lenses that correct astigmatism, but they are only monthly and can't be cheap. Indications for wearing the lenses is myopia of high to medium, poorly adjusted glasses. Contact lenses when visual acuity is higher than in spectacle. And we strive to achieve maximum visual acuity. Therefore it is necessary to consider the function. If the patients have myopia, why not wear glasses? Abuse contact correction is also impossible.

Should know that there are certain types of lenses that are therapeutic. They are used to treat progressive nearsightedness (myopia) - lens reverse geometry Paragon. They are used to stop the progression of myopia in childhood and adolescence. Lens worn overnight and during the day ​​the patient has the best vision. This is the only lens that is used with therapeutic effect.

Remember, any lens can produce an allergic reaction. This is very individual. Because we live in a world of increasing allergies. Allergy so no one is immune.

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