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What is elektromatras?

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Elektromatras (elektroprostyn) is a bedding accessory, electric powered and provide warm human body. Also a similar function is equipped with a heating pad and an electric blanket. Next, let's talk about the principle of its action and will tell us about this A. P. Ivanov - the employee the Internet-shop of heating equipment: .



Elektromatras spread under bedding and connect to the mains. You will feel that you are lying on a giant heating pad. Its capacity: 40 - 80 Watts per hour. The advantage elektromatrasa is a comfortable sleep for nearly the entire night even in very cold room.


is it worth to buy?

This product is necessary for everybody, but especially elektromatras might need:

  • Young mothers and their children, who 100 % will not freeze playing on the floor or in a dream;
  • People suffering from different cold-related diseases and inflammatory processes;
  • for Those who have problems with the blood vessels;
  • People who have large muscle loads and suffer from pains in the joints;
  • Fans of rest in the country;
  • It is simply irreplaceable in beauty salons and massage rooms.

What is better: electric or elektromatras?

let's find out what these 2 Islands products differ from each other. You need to pay attention to such moments: being at the bottom of electrometers and eletroplating, will warm your bed much faster. The blanket, in turn, will warm you from the top only, but the bed you will need to warm your own heat. So, if this appliance is for personal warmth you need for a comfortable sleep, then better to buy electrometers. But if you just want to warm up in the evening in front of the TV, then you will be more comfortable under the electric blanket.

In 2 words, before you make a purchase, you need to decide:

  • how and where you will this device use?
  • why this product you need?

Choose elektromatras

what is the 1st thing to look for when buying elektromatrasa?

  1. Material. Natural fabric – this, of course, well, but, often, at all electrometric wearing protective case. Therefore, in order elektromatras serve you for a long time it is better to choose products from synthetic materials;
  2. Size. Remember: the amount of electric mattress is less than a sheet. This is because electrabelle do on the size of the bed, but the sheets make with the stock. For example, if your house has a single bed, then you need to buy and suitable elektromatras;
  3. temperature control. Quality and good elektromatrasa is sure to be a couple of levels heating. For initial fast heating of the bed should include a higher temperature. Further, that during sleep was maintained at a comfortable state, you can lower the power;
  4. adjustment teplotn. Buying elektromatras will definitely pay attention on this feature. So on the double electrometers spouses will be able to customize the comfort for each temperature. In single form, often has 3-ri zone heat. This allows you to warm a necessary part of the body;
  5. auto power off. After you get warm and sleep, the need for further heating of the bed disappears. Here is a very useful functions such as automatic shutdown. It also gives you additional security.

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