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Relaxing after the summer: clean feathers from head to toe

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"If a woman is happy, she's good". Beauty pageants boost self esteem and give a sense of confidence. But the real beauty of a woman from birth nature gives us, and change ourselves, to correct defects of appearance advertised means impossible.


make time for yourself

the Slagging of the organism, the presence of hidden diseases often affect the face, therefore, is to combine Wellness treatments. In addition to a wide, familiar range of cosmetic services, and Spa treatments, among which is still little known SPA-detoxification.

Very often problems with the skin - the first bell that announces the slagging of the body. When one is purified from the inside out, bringing the body of toxins, poisons, heavy metals can not only significantly improve the appearance, but also to avoid many problems in the future. These sessions are useful for both healthy and sick people, - to obtain the effect, it is desirable to conduct at least ten procedures. Especially useful course for those who:

  • feels nervous exhaustion;
  • has a weak immune system;
  • overweight
  • suffering from diabetes;
  • hypertension
  • arthritis
  • and many other diseases.

Among the services offered at any Spa center:

  • laser therapy
  • mesotherapy
  • Solarium
  • thermal
  • cellulite treatment
  • vibratory massage
  • hairdresser, manicurist and makeup artist.

a Life of joy, if the body is easy

We age, if our spine is aging, - this expression is not just words. The state of the spins depends on the work of all organs and systems. Not being able to relax in time, we approximate its age. Trust your body massage bed, you will not only get rid of pain, restore freedom of movement, but will once again be able to enjoy life.

nowadays most people regardless of age suffer from discomfort in the back, due to many reasons, among which: lack of exercise, stress, unbalanced diet. Improper distribution of muscle tone leads to super voltage at the areas that need to be relaxed and, conversely, weakness of those muscles should support your spine. As a result, many problems arise:

  • the pain;
  • cramps
  • slipped disk
  • stretching of the ligaments and muscles;
  • increased tiredness.

Thanks to the infrared heating and massage jade rollers spin relaxes and stretches. Additional action akupunkturnyh of almost 120 points in harmony not only back, but also all organism. After a course of these treatments you will feel:

  • extraordinary lightness
  • flexibility
  • surge of strength;
  • bumping
  • strong.

the Spa "Lotus"

In the offseason especially important to prepare the skin for winter, - says Tatiana Litvin, owner . Mandatory facial treatment is a superficial chemical peeling with glycolic acid. It not only thoroughly cleans the skin surface, but also prepare her for a more complete perception of cosmetic products. This process is painless and harmless, because it promotes removal of dead skin particles from the skin. After a chemical peel aftercare is truly efficient. Very good to hold after this procedure, a course of special masks (moisturizing, nourishing, enzyme, rosacea, antiprefix), which are an experienced beautician will choose individually.

In the cabin will offer nourishing treatments not only for the face, hands, feet, and entire body. Women interested in program of care for the body after childbirth. Not only the fair sex, but men will be satisfied after body care.

In cold season a very important nutrient treatments for the skin, - said Tatiana Litvin. For body will be useful and healing treatments, anti-cellulite program. For relaxation and to combat chronic fatigue, it offers a variety of massages.


Make yourself a person of Royal blood

the Face - the card of the person. How we look depends not only the perception of us by others, but our inner sense. To purchase gorgeous looks in a beauty salon. When visiting it, don't notice the wonderful repair and stylish accessories, health and cleanliness of the institution, the professionalism of the beautician and his work with professional cosmetics.

According to the beautician, home skin care is a necessary condition for good daily. But there are procedures that can be done only in the cabin. Here, specialists use not only the methods of classical cosmetology, but also aromatherapy and methods of hardware cosmetology. The lounge also creates the necessary conditions for relaxation. Beauticians offer professional skin care "anti-stress" for men and various SPA treatments.

To quickly relieve stress of the day, nothing is better than gray for an hour in a beauty salon. After spending time here pleasant music, you will receive: beautiful appearance, composure and feel like person of Royal blood.

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