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The history of workwear

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Clothing is a special group of clothing, which is created in order to use it as protection in the workplace. The design and style of workwear for all trades takes into account the peculiarities of conditions, work environment and absence or presence of the tool that are required to perform duties on the production. Jeans are the most common and well-known, but in the end a modified element of the overalls. Originally created and produced for the cowboys of North America. But the history of specuki begins much earlier. And tell us about it Gabzalilov Tatiana Railevna - an employee of the company «Amirana": where, by the way, you can purchase high-quality clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment.


History of clothing

long ago, in the bronze age, the people who smelted the metal, protected themselves with clothing from the heat coming from the furnace. In 1815 in the United States and Europe began on an industrial scale to produce pants-overalls, protecting the legs and chest. 1st documented visual examples of the clothing you can see on the picture of James Connery "In The Woodshed", written in 1838. It depicts a man, dressed in protective clothing.
such type of clothes then people only worked at their jobs, and in public places did not appear, then thought that in such clothes just go to the members of the lower class people are treated with disdain. It has survived to this day, I think you most likely have seen the following sign in public places: "clothing prohibited!”.

In 1870 there were real production, which made clothes a work. But it's worth noting that the clothing resembled the ordinary suit for men, which was made of coarser and cheaper fabrics. And only in 1874 in the West began to mass produce the suits that had straps on the shoulders.

We deliberately exclude military uniform, work clothes, because it has another purpose. However in the Spanish civil war (1936 - 1939), the Communists, to distinguish strangers from their own people as military uniform used work clothes.

the manufacturing of protective clothing for workers was started only in 1972 when there were so-called protective pants.

today the range of clothing is several tens of thousands of names. The owner of the enterprise for each workplace may order an individual design and style clothing for the workers. In this case, he can choose exactly the fabric that will match the conditions on its business.

the Overalls should be:

  • durable
  • hygienic
  • convenient
  • aesthetic
  • functional
  • the cost, if possible, should be minimal;
  • well to fade.

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