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in Winter people love to visit not only familiar ski resorts in the country and abroad, but also interested in adrenalin activities. We offer you interesting information in the format of questions and answers in the framework of "Cabinet tourism news".

the Answers to pressing questions about the leisure features Director of travel Agency "" - Love Semenova.

- What resort is better to choose for surfing?

First of all, for the surfer most importantly a good wave and not one. When the desire to surf comes suddenly, we come to the aid of Morocco, because you can catch waves during the whole year, but the best come from October to March. At the beginning of winter falls professional season, though, and in the fall, you can find sandy beaches or reef where the waves are boiling stable.

Sri Lanka - Paradise for surfers, willingly takes from October to March on the West coast near Hikkaduwa, where the waves reach 2-3 meters. Due to the low waves breaking on the sandy bottom, the process of mastering the art of surfing will be easier.

- We want to relax and combine your holiday with shopping, I heard something about offshore zones, tell me more.

Andorra - not the duty free, low prices on cosmetics and quality alcohol you will be pleasantly surprised. The country is located in the free economic zone, so the tourists deliberately choose her for shopping.

as in Dubai there are no taxes, European collection here are 20-30% cheaper. A large peak reaching up to 70% during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival from 3 January to 3 February.

- not yet ski season, where you can go to relax, for example, in Ukraine?

We offer a tour to three of the day: Knight's fortress - Ukrainian Vienna - Bukovina Carpathians. Excursions through the ancient streets of Chernivtsi and Kamyanets-Podilsky, fortress. Bukovina Carpathians begin to learn from the pass nemchich, where he loved to relax by Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainka. It is here you will find a pedestrian climbing on the rock Hawkeye and Protyate stones. During the trip Ukrainian landscapes take on a new meaning, quite familiar places appear in front of the historic tourist Mecca, where time has stopped, but it is only good spirit historical wealth of Ukraine.

- What would you advise the Russians?

For the Russians advise Sheregesh is the largest ski resort in Russia. Today this resort is visited annually by about 800, 000 tourists a year. Here for tourists available: 3 gondola road, 6 major roads, over 50 hotels and a huge number of ski lifts and chair lifts. A more detailed look .

- Seen in the social network is such a new direction as extreme tourism, tell me more.

Extreme tourism began its launch on the organization of rafting and Hiking in the Carpathians. Together with qualified instructors already organized a 5-day rafting picturesque canyon of the river Dnister, a weekend in Nadsluchanska Switzerland (2-days rafting on the river Sluch within Rivne region), especially on an unforgettable extreme experience you can get rafting on the mountain rivers of the Carpathians, which will organize in the spring . Developed several new on the Ukrainian market, routes, tourist trips in the Carpathians, where you can see unmodified by human nature, to subdue the beautiful Carpathian peaks, to sit in a nice team around an evening campfire. Also planning some winter climbing on snow Hoverla and Petros.

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