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Listening to music with headphones and hearing

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Young people with headphones in their ears on the streets, bus stops, in transport, public places and everywhere where only it is possible - today it is not uncommon for anyone. Harmless at first glance, listening to music, in fact, carries an underlying threat of hearing loss - and even at a fairly young age. As reported by portal : canadian Professor, once I saw how many young people walk the streets with headphones, was shocked by this and said that in five years they have reduced hearing and they will contact the hearing professionals. According to the latest data, 1 million young people who listen to every digital player, seek help from doctors because of hearing impairment.



twenty-seven year resident of Omsk Igor works as a system administrator. With headphones it is almost inseparable.

- I always listen to music, so headphones are a must. In transport, on the street, at home (not able to put a super home stereo system, because then the neighbors will not sleep at night) with them not breaking up. Often at work in the mood I listen to music and simultaneously carry out their work, - says Igor. Fear, of course, that hearing may deteriorate because of this, so if possible, try not to listen to music too loud.

Some people use headphones to perform their professional duties, for example:

  • radio operators
  • the
  • sound engineers
  • the
  • dispatchers
  • the
  • DJ.

 DJ Sweest also included in this list:

I'm working on headphones, but in order not to damage hearing, it is necessary to use expensive headphones. The more expensive the better equipment, especially when people do this professionally. After all, our health is in our hands and to save it not. If correctly all to make, work with loud music for a long time, - said DJ SWEEST. By the way, 200 grams of vodka is minus two decibels. That is why I suggest that you DJs do not drink alcohol at work. If you noticed, drunk people talking very loud. They think that sound is missing and so they wind it in the headphones. Often, after such a loud party they can not hear.


do I Need to buy headphones?

Before buying headphones, and once again think about the consequences of such a purchase. And if you do decide to do this, make sure that your child abide by certain rules.

  • first, better alone for half an hour to listen to your favorite music than to the ears of screaming from my headphones during the trip on public transport. Moreover, even from an ethical point of view the person who goes to a "Shuttle bus" or bus, listening to the loud player, not only put himself in danger to lose their hearing, but does not respect others, also forced closepath annoying sound with its headphones
  • secondly, the person who goes to the headphones through the streets of the city, is also in a dangerous situation, because it is parallel in two dimensions: real and virtual. In this state, the brain is not able to adequately perceive and evaluate the environmental situation, but because people can't hear from behind the car rides. Listening to music on headphones in the street is dangerous both for health and for life;
  • And another one: constantly listening to music sooner or later leads to the belief that it's merely an unobtrusive background for marching. After listening to the constant boom-boom is to listen to just a corny rhythm to go with him in the leg. Deep as the classics of Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms can hardly listen on the go.

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