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How to lower your blood pressure

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Today we talk about how at home you can lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the 1st sign of hypertension.


Stages of high blood pressure

  • 1st stage. In the patients noted: headache, tinnitus, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and the pressure increased to 170 / 90;
  • stage 2. Occur in patients with hypertensive crises, and the pressure increases to 200 / 100;
  • 3rd stage. There is a change in the organs and blood vessels, the patient becomes "bad" (he may even lose consciousness), and the pressure rises to 230 / 110 or more.

Next we will focus on the initial stage of this disease. And so, if you have high or reduced blood pressure, then for control you need a blood pressure monitor that is sold in every pharmacy. At high pressure, you always need to control it, and if necessary to reduce at home. Remember that at too high pressure you can not avoid the hospital! By the way, more details about the treatment of high pressure read here: .


Causes of pressure increase:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • obesity
  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular disease
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • the abuse of cigarettes and alcohol;
  • head injury
  • emotional overload, stress;
  • certain medication.

just Like at home, you can lower high blood pressure.

  1. beet Juice. The most effective remedy for high blood pressure is a red beet juice+honey+lemon. For its preparation take 1 glass juice of lemon and beet, and 2 cups honey
  2. Valerian + motherwort. If high blood pressure appears due to stress, emotional overload and frustration, then you need to mix the grass motherwort and Valerian. 1-well teaspoon of a mixture of these herbs pour 1 Cup boiling water and then place in a sealed container, insist 20 minutes and strain;
  3. cranberry Juice. You need to drink 50 ml 3-ri times a day. You can also add grated viburnum with sugar in boiling water, and drink this tea a couple of times a day;
  4. Juice of garlic. Promotes vasodilation and reduces high blood pressure. Consumed before meals twice a day 20 drops in milk;
  5. cranberries. Ground with sugar berries can be taken before a meal one tablespoon three times a day;
  6. hawthorn fruit Juice. It is taken before meals three times a day for two tablespoons.


Now you already know, as in house conditions it is possible to reduce the high pressure, but remember that it is imperative to control with the help of tonometer. In addition, you should rest more, walk in the fresh air and sleep. Eat less fatty, sweet and starchy foods. Add to your diet plenty of fruit and vegetables. Hypertension is very useful for baked potatoes. Eat it with the peel, because it contains lots of potassium. Eat fish, beef and lots of products that contain vitamin C.

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