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How to rent an apartment without the assistance of an agent

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Find flats to rent in her rent without the help of realtors – quite possible. But first, you need to carefully consider the sequence of all future actions and be sure to follow them. The result at the end will be, so do not even hesitate. For this you primarily need to have:

  • a lease of the selected areas;
  • the Document confirming the property right to this (usually its provided by the landlord).

What you need to know before you start looking for a place?

When searching for an apartment you first need to determine the area where you want to live, the floor, to understand what number of rooms you want, the presence or absence in a particular room of furniture, the rent and the time at which you wish to rent the apartment.

Buy the right print and select the options that suit you the most. It is possible that, under the advertiser some apartments can be known to you or not very real estate Agency. The sign of this is constantly repeated phone numbers in different ads.

Need to write a good advertisement and put it near the houses on those places that are specifically designed for this. In the ads you don't forget to mention that guarantee the order and timely payment, as well as how long you want to rent an apartment. You can also specify a brief information about yourself.

Post you made press announcements. You need to consider that not all of today's Newspapers are in great demand among the owners of their apartments, so be sure to consult the employee a certain advertising Department of the newspaper ads.



don't forget about the Internet, and remember that you can seek and there. This method is the amount of interest that you can even view the apartment. Here, for example, on the website , you can find apartments, without intermediaries rent apartment in Chisinau. In the Internet you can find and those sites that belong to real estate agencies where you are able to post their ads. When you complete the form you need sample, we also specify all the desired characteristics of the required apartment. Don't forget to mention that you refuse all services of the agencies they provide real estate directly.

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