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What is professional hair products

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in Order to have shiny, beautiful, healthy hair, our grandmothers and mothers used the means at hand: whey, olive and burdock oils, egg yolks, yogurt, etc. Now in this it is not necessary, because nyneshnie manufacturers of hair cosmetics can learn how to create really high-quality products, able to transform dull, lifeless hair into sparkling, shiny hair. And all this thanks to the professional makeup. Let's see what she represents. And will tell us about her Bobrova A. R. - employee of the online store: .

And so that you are not confused in nyneshnem abundance of cosmetics for the hair let us look at what are the types of professional cosmetics.


basic cosmetics:

  • conditioners
  • shampoos
  • balms
  • rinse-off and leave-in sprays
  • mask
  • lotions
  • scrubs for your scalp;
  • paste;
  • creams for food;
  • gel-fluid
  • emulsion
  • milk;
  • whey.

These products sozday for: nourish and restore the structure, careful cleansing, prevention of hair loss and breakage, improving the appearance and hair growth. But remember, if you want to get a good result, then they need to be used in combination, not singly. For example, if you have damaged and brittle hair, then you better use a set of reinforcing and reducing champoev, intensively revitalizing and nourishing mask with keratin and restorative conditioning.


professional Decorative cosmetics for hair:

  • hair dye
  • heat-protective creams;
  • paint
  • glitter
  • protective oil;
  • lucky
  • sprays
  • paste, mass, and gels for modeling and styling hair.

These products are applied for: toning, coloring,styling, getting rid of dandruff, volume, thermal protection, anti hair loss, nourishment and hydration. It should be noted that the professional cosmetics for hair (tonics and paint) from ordinary is characterized in that in addition to changing the hue or color of hair she has a healing effect, protects from external environmental influences, intensively regenerates and nourishes the hair structure and is very resistant.

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