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Low back pain: does physical exercise?

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low back pain is a very unpleasant disease that is familiar to many people. In this article we will focus on a very important point in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, namely exercise.


Treatment of osteoarthritis

according to the website : pre-emptive treatment of most diseases of the back, including herniated disc and degenerative disc disease, fairly monotonous (of course, if we are not talking about surgery).

  1. On the 1st stage of treatment, its main purpose is the elimination of pain. To achieve this, the patient in the 1st turn discharged a couple of days of bed rest, and later – the period of limited activity. At the same time, begin drug therapy (but more correct to say not therapy, and anesthesia, because the drugs, by and large, only eliminate the pain, not the cause of its occurrence). So, the main drugs in diseases of the back are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, allowing you to remove the inflammation and swelling, resulting in possible decreases the compression of nerve endings and the pain disappears. In cases when the pain is strong enough is often used pain medicines in various forms (sometimes deare "blockade"). All this makes it very fast to remove the pain. But, in this case the patient must understand that the disappearance of pain at this stage – this is the effect of medications, not a sign of recovery.
  2. After the pain failed to resolve, or at least brought under control, begins the 2nd stage of treatment. the At this stage use: gymnastics (physical therapy), massage and various physiotherapy treatments. In this case, physical therapy can have a completely different effect: some people it helps, for others it is useless, but the first two methods have long been with all patients and in all cases has proved effective.

exercise therapy for diseases of the back

physiotherapy is a tailored special complexes of physical exercises aimed at the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis of the various divisions of the spine. It is based on natural movements of our body.

In the treatment of osteoarthritis physical therapy is used only after the 1st stage of the disease (i.e., failed to arrest the pain). In this case, therapeutic exercises helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and ligaments that gives you the opportunity to push the medication into the background.

the Main principle of treatment in this case is to strengthen the spinal muscles. After all, if to understand the causes of degenerative disc disease, then an insufficient amount of stress on the muscles and their weakness, and are its main cause. In this case, the important fact is that absolutely all the exercises of physiotherapy on the parameters are reasonably physiologic, that is why there are no distension or fatigue of the muscles.


the Nuances of performance physical therapy

we Must remember that the complexes of therapeutic exercises in any case can not be performed during acute illness. In addition, you need to only do exercises that do not cause pain during the execution. Often in a set of exercises are always a couple that cause pain or discomfort. Such exercises you can use as a kind of "lighthouses" — that is, you periodically go back and check my feelings. So you will clearly be able to see progress in your recovery and over time will expand the complex perform your exercises.

1-in an important point - in any case not to overload the muscles! For this exercise, which involves strong tension, need to be alternated with relaxing exercises or relaxation.  it is Also important to perform the exercises smoothly, maintaining correct posture and not making any sudden movements.

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