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Ultrasound of the joints and of the musculoskeletal system

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Ultrasound diagnosis, which is abbreviated as ultrasound is a safe and painlessnym way to explore the body and internal organs. With the advent of high-tech digital devices are equipped with high frequency more than 15 MHz, ultrasound became widely used not only for the study of the internal organs, but also in rheumatology. Ultrasound joints (by the way, on the site you can read that shows the ultrasound knee SoestABA), the muscles and tendons ultrasound, ultrasound of the spine (including the US and lumbosacral) is now considered to be a popular way to explore the state of the tissues and structures of the body at any disease, especially when features are pain in the joints.
The advantage of this method of investigation of the spine, joints, muscles and tendons withis that the method is absolutely safe, affordable, and most importantly - to quickly provide the doctor and the patient all the necessary information.

How does the US?

US Suglob musculoskeletal system lets you see the condition of the muscles, the spine, tendons,ligaments, joints and soft tissue throughout the body. During the procedure, a special unit, passes through the human body sound waves. On the machine read information is transmitted, where the specialist can see not only the condition of the internal organs, spine, joints and so on. D., But also to detect the slightest deviation from the normwe. Thus, you can prevent the development of diseases, including the musculoskeletal system. Ultrasonography (US) is carried out by using a small transmitter (sensor), transmitting information and images on the handset itself. For best performance, a special gel that is applied directly to the skin in msecond place, where it will carry out diagnostics. High frequency sound waves are transmitted from the probe via the gel in the body. The inverter collects sounds, and they are reflected back from the organs and the image appears on the computer. Ultrasound studies have ionizing radiation (such as observed in X-ray). Thusom, ultrasound is considered absolutely safe for humans, and there is no radiation exposure.

Why ultrasound of the spine is a very popular?

The human spine - is the support of the whole organism. Even the slightest deviation or jamming may adversely affect the health of hThe person. That is why the ultrasound diagnosis is often used, if necessary, investigate the condition of the spine and the elements of its structure. Ultrasound of the spine is the most popular way to diagnose for several reasons:

  • US spine is safe cnspecial disease detection method allows you to quickly point out the problems;
  • Displays, including the state of the soft tissues that can not be done with some other methods;
  •   The research is available at a price, and allows you to examine the state of the spine then toGDSs are other ways are powerless because they can cause additional pain. With ultrasound you can see the changes in the intervertebral discs (the changes in the fibers, cracks or other changes).

US joint

Ultrasound joints is often used because it is one of the reliables and qualitative methods to explore the state of the cartilage, joint capsules, tendons, muscles. Ultrasound provides an opportunity to assess soft tissue without X-ray irradiation. This method exhibits excellent degenerative joint and cartilage, shows various tumors, the presence of bruising, tears and other deviations from normal state. Also,Ultrasound has earned its place in the study of rheumatic diseases of the joints and also because it provides an opportunity to assess the state of problem areas still at the preclinical stage, when the first pain.

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