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The history of hair dye,

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Archaeologists have found evidence that even during the life of the Neanderthals with the help of various substances people changed hair color and skin.

in Order to demonstrate the status and on the battlefield to inspire fear to his enemies ancient Gauls and Saxons dyed their hair in bright colors, and in Babylon men their hair sprinkled with gold dust.

And the time of origin of Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, the inhabitants of these countries are widely used for hair coloring materials of animal and vegetable origin.

1-s funds can only make hair darker, but appeared within the ways to lighten hair.

throughout human history, for the manufacture of hair dye has used a variety of methods.


middle Ages

In the early middle Ages to the 1st time there are people with regime haired. This was the result of genetic errors. And next in time several centuries from nature red-haired people were suspected of witchcraft. But in the XIV century thanks to  Queen Elizabeth the 1st (naturalnie she had bright red hair), has somewhat changed the attitude towards ginger hair, and after some time people started even to paint their hair red with henna.


the Victorian era and the Renaissance

In the Baroque era, when fashion was sophisticated designs of the wigs, their color was almost all pastel shades: from pink to yellow and blue.

most people like to have light coloured hair, and to achieve this color, they were painted with sodium hydroxide and potassium alkali. So to expose colored hair to bright sun, Victorian ladies wore huge hats with an open top. Then also, popular have been the gray hair to enhance the effect, sprinkled with a special powder.

To give the hair a more dark color, some painted with nitrate of silver, until it became clear that its excessive use makes your hair purple, by the way, this unnatural colour and was the impetus that led to the creation of the 1st artificial hair dyes.


Synthetic hair dye

In the nineteenth century chemists was opened para-diamine, which became the basis for the creation of artificial hair colors. Then discovered that hydrogen peroxide is milder than the 1st alternative of bleaching agents and it is much safer than bleach my hair.

These 2-and helped Eugene Schueller, who presented on the market of synthetic hair dye “Halo”. A small firm of Schueller grew up in mejdunarodnoy company, which is today called “products”. In the near future emerged and a double procedure of hair coloring in a light color, which, in turn, in 1932, refined by Lawrence Gelb who created the paint, really penetrating into the hair shaft. And in 1950, Mr. Gelb has created a paint for one painting, which covered the hair without pre-bleaching. This discovery led to the creation of modern paints.

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