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What is the compression tights

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Human hands and feet – are the most mobile parts of the body and are always under load. For example our feet endure daily 50 - 100 kg and even more and they are all the time in the upright position. Under this load, and in such a position increases the pressure on the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow. Through improper diet and harmful environmental factors decreases the elasticity of the vessel walls and as a reultate such a strong blood pressure causes the stretching of blood vessels.


Varicose veins

This is a disease in which loss of elasticity of the walls of the saphenous veins. As a result, the vessels are stretched, and in their separate areas appear knotty the. There are a couple stages of this disease. At the initial stage on the skin surface can be observed "destock", fatigue and swelling of the feet. This stage is considered an edge, because when these symptoms are assigned a preventive measure. The next stage – it is directly the disease itself, it can be seen protruding knots and veins, it is accompanied by swelling and pain in the legs.


Prevention and treatment: compression tights

When the doctor sees the symptoms described above, he recommends the patient to change his lifestyle, stress and diet. To this list is added, and compression hosiery (stockings, socks, tights). By the way, Belorrusia to acquire vertebral compression Jersey you can online shop medovarus "Avikon": .

And so, if you have the "stars", heavy legs and swelling, then you need to start prevention of varicose veins to wear compression stockings or tights, creating a kind of additional frame. They can protect your veins from the intense stretching and support them. As a result of pressure on your veins - their gleam is narrowed, and this prevents the formation of blood clots and leads to an acceleration of the venous blood. Thus, the compression of the soft tissues of the tibia protects the feet from muscle pain, fatigue and edema. And compression of the venous wall does not allow blood "to stagnate on the 1st place" and supports the valves of the veins.

Compression tights are therapeutic and preventive. From each other they differ in the degree of compression degree: prophylactic – up to 18 mmHg (first degree of compression), and therapeutic 20 - 40 mmHg (2 to 4 degrees of compression). Preventive compression tights you can buy in the store of tights and a pharmacy. But medical compression stockings are sold exclusively in medical facilities, prescribed by a doctor and need the honey. certification. Preventive compression stockings choose the weight and growth and healing - together lechashim doctor a couple of options feet.

Wear pantyhose Vien have early in the morning, without getting up, elevated legs in bed: in this position, the vessels retain their shape, which is close to ideal. By the way, carefully pick the size, because the compression tights practically do not stretch.


That will give the use of compression hosiery

  • prevention of deep vein thrombosis;
  • improves lymphatic and venous outflow from the legs;
  • improves blood circulation
  • will slow down the progression of the disease;
  • the prevention of complications of varicose veins.

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