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How to choose an external battery for the phone

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about 10 years ago, every mobile phone could without any problems to hold a charge more than 10 days, and situations that are associated with “sudden” the discharge was considered very rare and usually were the result of in a failed state was the battery. Today many owners smartphone that is capable of directly active mode use to withstand more than 10 hours watching with great admiration, and envy, and the habit to take with you so you need the charger, or have several of them (e.g. home, office, or even in your own car) looks fairly normal, like what many people like a morning coffee. Yeah, no one would argue that this is significant progress and new technologies. But how many times we can stay without mobile communication is a very important point on the fault that your smartphone is dead?

What is an external battery for the phone?

External battery, or how many used to call the PowerBank is a portable power source that is able "to feed" of all the mobile devices. Structurally it is very similar to a conventional battery it is a portable device. Think it's for all absolutely no secret. By the way, you can get on the website:

the Main elements of power

They can count from 2 to 10, which are associated with the controller card. On this Board to be a connector, designed to connect USB cable directly from gadgets. And all this is wrapped in a sturdy (or not as features) body. Compatible with a variety of possible devices is normally achieved by the direct use of a certain universal USB 2.0 to which you must connect cable from your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, small camera, or other device that needs to support charging by USB.

the Principle of operation battery

the Principle the main action itself is very simple: first you like usually, charge PowerBank directly from the mains 220V (can be via USB from your computer, but from network it will be much faster), then take the cable and connect it to the battery of your smartphone or your tablet. PowerBank usually starts to give that energy to the device, which is stored in all the time. At the end you again get charged smartphone or your favorite tablet.

Feature covers-batteries

There is a very famous common modification –  cases-batteries. They usually dress on the device, and perform a protective function. But they present large minus – do them only under a certain model of smartphone, and they are much more expensive than its other portable counterparts.

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