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What is red dot sight

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not everyone knows the meaning of the word "collimator", but most of all, absolutely all of you have seen the principle of red dot scope on the screen of your TV. This is the well-known "red dot on the body". Collimator sights (crematory) use of email with all kinds of modern small arms: sniper rifle, machine, pistol, etc. As with all electrical products, the collimator has its pluses and minuses.


the Main objectives pursued in its manufacture is the creation of the system:

  • accurate and fast aiming
  • aimed fire;
  • aiming at low visibility.

Often, these scopes are used to aim:

  • weather permitting
  • small distances;
  • when the arrow is no time for aimed precise shot;
  • when the target is moving.

are powered from the battery, which supplies electric current to the light source (most manufacturers take the LEDs), then a beam of light passes through the lens and creates a beam of light, and arrows as a result sees a "marker".


Shapes of markers:

  • grid
  • crosshair
  • diamond
  • circle
  • triangle.

Disadvantages of collimation

collimating sights have batteries that need periodic replacement. Also during operation of the device, not welcome its contact with moisture, though manufacturers assure that their rifle scopes are absolutely waterproof, but I think a 100% guarantee that you will not be a short circuit electrical system, nobody else will. Another disadvantage is that the manifests itself, which is negative and very bad indicator for the conduct of military operations and the conduct of hostilities.


Advantages of collimation

the Main advantages of these sights are: the ability throughout time to keep a moving target in the shooting sector, and rapid targeting. For example, a sniper weapon collimators have a very narrow application. This is due to its shortcomings in terms of self-revealing hand. Everyone knows that the enemy must not detect the sniper, and the light source collimator reduces to zero stealth shooter, and just makes no sense for me to mask. I klimatronik sights for snipers there are a few differences from the usual collimation. The main difference is the presence of an optical sight with illumination of the scale of impact. In this case, to make an accurate shot sniper needs to combine the marker on the targets with a precision scale in the optical sight. But shotguns generally use collimator with a marker in the form of a grid, as I shot fraction very wide area of damage at small distances.


Using collimators civilians

the collimators have been applied in the circles of the lovers of shooting sports and hunters. In these scopes is the adjustment mechanism of the marker, and if we talk about sniper sights, and also a number of settings. For proper configuration of this sight using the manual or the form.

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