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Moms note: prepare the nursery

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About how to decorate the nursery and what kind of things will bring benefits to kids know all Rovno mom. So today we will learn a lot of useful information.

it All started with the fact that for the finalists of the project «big-bellied mother– residential complex «Family» initiated master class: How to arrange a room for children? Therefore, Rivne designer Ivanna together with the doctor-immunologist-allergist Svetlana told for moms how to make baby room the most functional, how to decorate with materials safe for health and to consider all important points and aspects, so that your baby feel comfortable and cozy in their own personal space. More information can be found on the website: .


That should underlie the design?

At the core of each design of children's rooms necessarily should be the creation of a small microworld, which would cause interest of your child. This can usually be achieved with the help of small in size, but different functionality areas: playroom, bedroom, and workplace. Remember that children's room should not remind an office or hotel lobby.

at Home, the child needs to rest from activity that was conducted in kindergarten or school, so the room necessary to create the atmosphere that will be able to repay the excessive mobility of the child. Psychologists are advised to choose a warm yellow, olive and pink hues. Red shades should be avoided. However, parents can self-pasting interesting and vivid drawings. It is the scrutiny of such patterns on the Wallpaper or wall helps to develop imagination.


advice from a physician allergist-immunologist

Besides the doctor alergolog-immunologist Svetlana focused mom on several important accents. The main ones are:

  • In your child's room should be used only eco-friendly hypoallergenic materials;
  • the
  • Wash the children's clothes is at a temperature of at least 70 degrees;
  • the
  • humidity in the room where the baby must be up to 50%
  • the
  • do Not use pillows with feather beds. Such things it is better to choose synthetic materials;
  • the
  • In the room where your child is to limit the "dust gatherers" (carpets, toys, books);
  • the
  • Periodically, once a year to make the bed and blankets.

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