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What is an electronic cigarette?

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This difficult question is always the first when You see this modern device. You should not be surprised because electronics, has long come into our lives, as well as in the sphere of health, but this time under a very interesting angle.


electronic cigarettes

the Idea of creating unique, high-quality e-cigarettes as a good substitute for classic Smoking, there where 15 years ago, namely in 2000. In China was in 2003, the first registered patent for such cigarettes.

for about seven years, all manufacturers, a unique  electronic cigarettes, improve all their products and also conduct various quality tests on the safety of this product, both in China and in all countries of the European Union.

the Results of their tests showed that, the modern electronic cigarette, very safe, but only under normal use. Despite the pressure from very large tobacco companies, a good electronic cigarette, acquiring popularity. And, of course, it is not a coincidence! By the way, you can also find out more information about on the website:


What is electronic cigarette safer than regular?

Imagine that you are driving with your wife and baby in the car, and really want to smoke. You really want to smoke, but it's just not possible. Wondering what to do? May stop on the highway for three minutes "fun"? But why, if you have in your pocket is the newest unique achievement of mankind - and this, of course, electronic cigarette! There are no problems with its use. Well just make the "tightening" and all. Even your passengers will thank you for a very comfortable ride, very fresh and clean air, but also for your health!

most Importantly, and most unique difference between electronic cigarettes from conventional Smoking in that there is no combustion process. And, therefore, there are not allocated dangerous carcinogens, tar, ammonia, and other very harmful substances that are always present directly at the burning of ordinary cigarette paper and tobacco are simple. It is a modern and convenient conventional electronic device, such as a simple mobile phone or even mp3 player.

in Addition, you never have to experience hardship directly related to the Smoking ban. Also one of the most important and qualitative advantages in that such modern electronic cigarette produces and not just a smoke but a vapor, which does not has a very pungent and unpleasant tobacco smell. All e-cigarettes, when we were well invented and patented the Hong Kong company Ruyan Group Ltd.

And, to date, on the big market presented two generations of high quality electronic cigarettes. The second generation of them well is very close to the most common cigarettes, such as appearance and reduced weight, and improved design of the atomizer.

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