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The main groups of drugs for weight loss

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All people want to have good figure and good health. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford. Ecology, poor diet and sitting work lead to the fact that over time people gain weight. Many people try to lose yourself while doing different exercises, but some already realized that the most effective and fastest way to lose weight is to take . So today we will talk about them.


All powders, capsules and tablets that are designed for weight loss usually unite in following groups:

  1. Anorectics – represents balances with Central action, inhibiting the appetite by direct action  in the brain, and more precisely in the center, which is responsible for saturation. In our country today, this group includes various types of drugs that are made on the basis of Sibutramine hydrochloride and abroad, in particular with regard to the US – with Phentermine, similar to Amphetamine. Also one of the popular drugs, which are made on the basis of Phentermine – it's the tablet adipex.
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  3. Nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals – numerous groups of dietary Supplements. They differ from each other only by the percentage of various ingredients.  weight loss can be achieved due to the fact that revenue occurs balanced in the human body all nutrients-vitamins and minerals. These products are inherently heterogeneous  – it all depends on what company manufactured it. As we can see, and there are particular products and some of them are outright fakes. Suffice it to say that ascorbic acid and other vitamins  in its natural composition is not allocated, and in pills they only appear in the form of synthetic analogues.
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  5. Diuretics and laxatives – the body weight is usually reduced by the Exodus from human body fluid with urine or liquid stool. But it is not harmless to the human body, because over time this leads to dehydration. Together with the liquid display also shows useful intestinal flora and electrolytes. In addition, many distributors say these pills  made only from natural herbal plants, and you love to give them exotic names. Says long-term practice, a large number of tablets made on the basis of an ordinary Seine, and various kinds of pharmacy diuretic.
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  7. Drugs, which are made of cellulose-based – they deserve very special attention. Cellulose helps thoroughly clean the intestines and relieve the body from dietary fibres, and from all sorts of toxins. The truth is that the drug is contraindicated to those people who have active inflammatory processes in the digestive system.
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  9. fat Burners – are the  common group. The mechanism of action of these funds is usually explained vaguely. The breakdown of fat is due to the fact that speeds up metabolism in the body. And as this happens, it is dark, one “active genes" and "quintessence". It is important to recall that genes are contained only in the cell nucleus, and no they can not be in many drugs. It is the essence – is in itself a term of a philosophical nature, and not pharmacological, how many people like said.


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