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What to do if you have problems with erections

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In the field of all sexual disorders  it is important accurate diagnosis. Because the reasons of such violations may be physiological and psychological in nature. Erection problems   is  indispensable today, and talking about a variety of data. According to statistics, 40% of men face erection problems, with half of all cases the issue of potency is not completely functional and organic environment.

Although to date, reasons for the emergence of such problem  large number — many of them can be solved. If you suspect the reduced potency, should consult a good andrologist. Only a doctor can detect the true reason that caused the violation of potency. And he will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary course of treatment for you that will be aiming to restore potency.


the causes of impotence problems:

Bad potency – this is not that other, as a reflection of the mental and physical health of men. Affect male power all the processes in the body occur with hormonal changes, problems in the functioning of the nervous system, blood flow problems, psychological difficulties. Weak potency can  for a variety of reasons: illness, relationship problems, stress and other Such problems in 25, 35, 45 years in various powers were any men at least a couple times in my life.


Weak erection caused by a variety of reasons that  are divided into:

  • Psychological
  • Physiological
  • External factors.

Physiological causes

There are a number of diseases which can directly affect erection. Namely:

  • Diseases of the prostate;
  • Diabetes;
  • blood flow
  • Damage to the nerves that are responsible for the processes of excitation
  • spinal cord or brain.

Psychological causes

for a Long period of nervous tension, stress, psychological incompatibility between partners is a frequent cause, and also causes decrease in erections. When in men is caused by psychological reasons, therapy focus  to make the mental state (psychological impotence). Also stress can be the main reason for which there is insufficient erection.


External factors:

  • Frequent use of alcohol, drugs, Smoking;
  • Poor diet
  • the environment.

will there be any Impact on the potency of the hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids and potency are unrelated to each other. That hemorrhoids can have an impact on the decrease of potency – just a myth. This male problem can occur regardless of the presence of hemorrhoids.



Never forget about healthy lifestyle and prevention of potency. Be healthy!

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