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The most unexpected and frequent malfunction of washing machines

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Without a good washing machines are now very difficult to imagine our life, so their not breaking is a big nuisance. Sometimes some problems with all washing machines you can quickly eliminate with your own hands directly, on a more sophisticated will have to sweat, and finally, there are breakdowns that quickly and efficiently can only be a highly skilled professional who have repaired such machines and other modern appliances.For example, you can order in the company ’s SERVICES-COLD":

Problems and breakage:


Machine sometimes does not turn on

When your machine just wouldn't turn on, some women quickly overcome by panic. «Is it broke?" you think they are. But we can say that sometimes the failure of this washing machine is very easy to resolve, and all her basic steps can quickly make even a small child:

  • first, check whether you have voltage on the network, saying the most common words whether electricity;
  • the
  • Then we'll see whether the plug itself in the socket, maybe someone just accidentally or even deliberately pulled;
  • the
  • And always check, tightly closed the door, with little effort click on it, you hear a noticeable click of the latch.

Sometimes does not merge water from the tank, what to do?

There are minor repairs of washing machines, which are familiar to almost everyone their current owner because they sooner or even later face. Such a universal breakdown is a very bad drain only the amount of water from the tank or even none. Your machine just can't wash your clothes because the water is not drained to the sewer. Here are all the possible causes of such complex breakdowns of your washing machine:

  • Sometimes you just mistakenly selected the wash cycle without pressing;
  • the
  • a little Clogged sewer drain or drain hose, then it should be cleaned.
  • the
  • Can become clogged drain filter;
  • the
  • And finally, a simple pump failure.

Sometimes, it is not spinning the drum, and the machine simply does not work. Here's what now can be the main causes of this difficult failure, and what you can do:

  • You will see that all is fine with the drive belt (located under the rear wall, behind the drum). He may come off or break;
  • More expensive, but the quality of the repair will be well connected with the replacement of the engine, if it just burned down or went out of his normal order for very different reasons;
  • the Possibility of rapid wear of bearings;
  • Or there is some malfunction in the small electronic control unit.

And, of course, finally say, that even with the poor water pressure, your washing machine works very poorly. She always takes bad your cleanser and never vasterival good things. For very accurate work always properly install your car, never overload it, and even do not change modes in the process of washing.

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