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Care for your hair in winter and spring the SEVEN most important tips

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in the Winter and, of course, spring hair always need special and thorough  care. For good health, wonderful head of hair very adversely it is the combination of low temperatures and too dry air in your room and a small shortage of different vitamins and minerals, from which we often suffer in the winter. By the way, more information about you can be found on the website:


1. Always take the right amount of vitamins.

This can sometimes be the tonic multivitamin complex in a unique composition which sometimes are also necessary for your body the micronutrients, or the vitamins for hair, skin and even nails, so-called vitamins of eternal beauty.


2. Well improve the blood supply their hair.

Now in the winter under a small influence of cold vessels throughout the body constrict. With all the scalp does not receive the necessary substances, which are well delivered with the blood and lymph. And this shortage primarily affects your hair. All the hair roots weaken, and this can sometimes lead to a simple loss of hair, as well as slowing their growth.


3. Moisturize hair and skin.

To efficiently protect hair and all the skin from drying, you need to simply just  to restore a good balance in the body, namely, drink plenty of pure or mineral water.  For a high-quality feed hair with moisture, it is sometimes to use a special running tools for a good and intense hydration. First of all, it's simple masks, conditioners and different units.


4. Change all your suspension products for your hair.

It is winter care for your oily, dry and normal hair can be a very different from your usual care. The point to be that in winter all the cold months your hair type and your scalp can be easily changed. So if you continue to always use the usual shampoos, conditioners, and masks, the condition of the hair can make it much worse.


5. An intensely nourishing and revitalizing mask.

Search in all masks of active components such as you need vitamins B1, B5, B6 and F, glycolipids, phospholipids, various essential oils, for example, oranges, proteins, and all amino acids. You need them for quick recovery of your hair. Experts also recommend applying a high quality medical mask on wet hair and well pressed. Then just cover the hair with a special film and a good wrap and a warm towel. Keep them at least 15 - 20 minutes if you have the time — it can keep longer.


6. Makeup hair various serums and other means that do not need to rinse.

Serum for your hair have a very beautiful composition and also able to provide the most rapid, sometimes almost instantaneous effect. They always contain a huge number of hair active ingredients which efficiently restore and treat your hair well, also protect the structure, and help retain moisture.


 7. To protect the scalp from dandruff and increase immunity.

small Variations of temperature and very long-wearing tight for your head and hats often thickly even become a cause of various unpleasant skin problems. It is dehydrated the scalp becomes very dry and irritated, it quickly disrupted the balance, and all the upper layers of the skin most often die off and flake off, but that's normal for winter lowering your immune system creates the most favorable conditions for different fungi and different unpleasant unwanted bacteria. So always in the winter you have dandruff, even if long before that  she never bothered.


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