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Prolin: scho CE take?

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Prolin - CE delancy smartvine m'yakyh of fabrics in they the result trivago stavlennia. Amerture Nasta that is why, that porosus circulation and electric power supply of fabrics. To m'yakyh of fabrics to nalezhat:

  • Scra;
  • the
  • Pdsma Zhirov cldavis;
  • the
  • M ides.

Prolin soul of chaste satellite vujcich zakhvoryuvan, in which the man of zmuchena dougo pereboeva in liacom pollogen.
Butt of such zakhvoryuvan , wssc Solti,  traumatic injuries to Moscow, vajk pectin zacharovanna, for example-all those, that perform to obojena mobilnost (runlevel) man.

podna vipadkah, generally, man, not trivaly hour to znahoditsya on lkuhn in Stazione, nerdc projkovski vdden reanimat the other vdden ABO's after vipiski in Domashni the umovy.

In most cases, prolin, as the result nedostatok to care for ailing ludinou. By the way, you can dantica more information on the I site: .

When ailing on pollogen spin - CE place, Kuprik, blades, n NF I in region patrionage of the hill. Pollogen when ailing on givot  - front surface gomlek, in the area of klubovich spines (msca, de prosypayutsya CRA of tazovyh cstock).


Prophylaxis , lguana proling:

  • Mnati position of the body in liku klika rasv for a day;
  • the
  • Raspravljati postline natlo blizno, so as it folds;
  • the
  • Stheiti clean postline blizny;
  • the
  • . Stracheyi, so not Bulo of crit.

Pokladii pid msca nails stavlennia (kriz, Kuprik, p'yati, motility) special permission of gumowy there are round, alginate prosteradlo or use anti prolieve mattress. Wodna obsolete screw salagou servadou W des. Roschino (0,5 l. water + 1/2 spoon stolow Octo or alcohol), after choho vicieuse dry.

by proling antiseptic - end of main method lguana, if the area of fabrics, zastosowanie Mas and roscini W desnikki zasobami. If by antiseptics proling not DOPOMOGA, zastosowanie Chirurgie vidalina proling.
At first poav oznak troponin poruseni shown hrule consultation is very important, when you first begin lguana pravah, so not dopustiti versene - radically (vicenne of nekrotizirovannah of fabrics).


 Good zasobom profilaktiki proling is anti prolieve mattress. The mattress has powtran bars, that is not duty critical stablemate m of fabrics in which the ground nails stavlennia. Proti prolieve mattress you can specalising in its stores.

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