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How parents choose to name your child

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can sometimes affect the development of his personality and to some extent even determine his fate. So you need to approach the choice of name for a child is much more serious than you think.


the sounds of Different names

early in our childhood and throughout our lives one word and we never hear as often as his own name. It always consists of a set of unique sounds and  very different heights, which also lead to the excitation of the separate parts of our brain, providing in this way a great impact on the wearer and all those around him.


Withstylish and solid names:

Some modern names sound as strongly and very rigidly, for example:  Dmitry, Janna, Igor, Anatoly, Dean, Darya, Ekaterina, etc under the influence of sound stimulus in all children with such simple names are formed very persistent, and stubborn nature. They always become independent and much stronger.


Soft and calm names:

All owners of soft-sounding names such as Svetlana, Vera, Irina, Natalia, Sergey, Mikhail, Alexei, Vasili, Ilya,  etc.  Usually they are very calm and docile nature.


Neutral name:

There are also neutral names, as if simply intermediate between the hard and soft, such as: Tom, Andrew, Archie, Alexander, Vitaly, Valentine, Roman, Olga, Paul, Anna, Zoya, Anastasia, Lyudmila, Love, etc. and, as a rule, such people are very balanced, thoughtful, and always moderately persistent.


What names not to give the children

  • the Name must also be chosen so that it is very easily pronounced, beautiful and well spelled out, by itself or together with your middle name. Don't need to give their children names in honour of their grandparents. Sometimes the child inherits exactly some characteristic traits, and, as it is known in advance, the bad is transferred much easier.
  • the
  • Never call children names very difficult to pronounce or even to honor any of the most important events and famous people (for example, Revolution, Aurora, Stalin, etc.) to simply just not to complicate their lives further.
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  • is Not necessary to give children the names of the heroes you favorite television series, very famous writers or the most prominent figures of modern science - especially if they have the same patronymic, and also surname. Now just imagine that in the family of engineer Nikolai Tolstoy's young son called not otherwise as a Lion, in honor of the writer. In his school the boy had never been neither literature nor the Russian language, and he then became the subject of various ridicule from his peers. As a result your child will get a very serious psychological trauma and, of course,  stop to go to school.


And finally, remember, you should not call their sons by the name of the father, for example: Anatoly Anatolyevich, etc. - owners of such names grow very unstable, slightly nervous, irritable, and Moody. Your little girl should never be called the name of her mother - because they will be difficult to find a common language.

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