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The history of taxi

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Such a word as "taxi" comes from the French unique words "taxi", which now designates the means used for the carriage of all passengers and various cargoes and payment of their passage. By the way, you can order at very low prices.


First horse-drawn taxi:

the history of the taxi has its immediate roots in France, since the 18th century, that it was there, in difficult times there is a unique horse-drawn carriages, which then began to be called not otherwise as "cab".  Named them in honor of their patron Saint of gardeners – namely, St. Fiacre, as the Inn yard with these tough crews were near its beautiful chapel. It is believed that if they were the very first in the world public and comfortable carriages. And at the end of the 19th century great technical progress quickly replaced the crews with such horses.

simple-he has established good engine, strong levers to control and after the invention of the unique simple counters (taximeters), these crews were the most popular among the entire population, because then it was easy to calculate all of your expenses on the road.


First automotive taxi:

The very first cars that were designed for services such taxi, began to produce a small company "Renault", the body of such machines to remind them "cab" and the driver sat separately from the passengers in front opening your car, there he was engaged in quality management of taxis. Well, the passenger was in the closed part of such a machine and was protected from the inclemencies of the weather. Taxi stood out well among all the other cars in town with their bright and unusual color.


the Emergence of a taxi in Russia and other countries of the world

Already in 1907, in Russia one driver, hung on your car poster "the carrier, the rate for your travel on your agreement”. Also great at the same time in England on all London streets there were the most unique first crews-taxi. This year and now is considered the birthday of comfortable taxi.

In 1917, after the revolution, the number of such taxis in Moscow has fallen very sharply, and taxi drivers almost as quickly destroyed as a class, and after 7 years in 1924 the city Council bought 200 new at the time of hire – taxi is the same, mark "Renault" and, of course, «Fiat". And already in 1925 produced the first 16 quality brand car "Renault" on the streets of Moscow. Such as private taxi at the time, it was clear that they all belonged to and were controlled precisely by the state, and a huge competition was absent. This led directly to very bad quality of service of passengers, and taxis was much harder, then didn't suffice.

All taxi transportation were very profitable for the government of greater Moscow, so the government sought to quickly resolve these difficult disadvantages. At that time in Moscow began to appear the first cars under the name "GAS", the number of taxis has increased significantly.

And in a few years, but rather 1948 on all machines-taxi was beautifully placed chess unique stripe and a bright green light, made this for a quick taxi differences from all the other cars on the streets.

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