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What are the SPA treatments?

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Rejuvenating SPA treatments with a therapeutic effect can be a distraction from the daily hustle and bustle and hectic pace of work. SPA is a Wellness centre where you can within hours: to relieve stress, to rejuvenate, to restore youth and beauty to your body and peace and joy to my soul. The word SPA comes from the Belgian resort of Spa, which since the XVI century became the favorite holiday destination of all tourists from Belgium. Often all SPA salons reigns this atmosphere: soar aromas of exotic essential oils, sound the sound of calm relaxing music and flickering candles. Wonderful rituals of health and beauty can carry You to Paradise away from the bustle of the city! By the way, in Moscow will help you to relax "SPA Mania”.


What can oteski to the SPA?

  • Saunas (classic Finnish sauna, steam bath, bio sauna, ice grotto);
  • Swimming (in the indoor and outdoor pools, and in conventional salt baths, Jacuzzi);
  • Fitness (cardio, aerobic exercises, exercises, exercises for joints, stretching exercises);
  • a Classic procedure (General massage, acupressure, facial massage, baths with salts and oils, as well as manicures and pedicures);
  • Yoga, meditation.

SPA vacation is a whole range of procedures, solving real health problems that restore the harmony of body and soul, improve the appearance. Today SPA plays an important role in many health centers and modern hospitals.

The SPA care apply part 5 human senses: smell, touch, taste, hearing and vision. In the place where the person is comfortable mentally, where he will be comfortable and physically (and Vice versa).


The SPA has 3 main areas:

  1. ethnic, which is built on local color. This includes: restorative acupuncture, Thai massage, Turkish Hammam, sauna, Russian bath, etc.;
  2. classic (use of seafood and hydrotherapy), which is built on climatotherapy (salt caves, thermal springs, forest, sea and mountain air, peat, mud, salt, seaweed) and water procedures. It is aimed at restoring mental and physical health with the use of medicinal natural resources or their artificial analogues;
  3. health (prevention of diseases and restoration of health) that occurs at a countryside hotel, rehabilitation centers, sanatorium-resort complexes.

to Develop an optimal rehabilitation program is necessary after the conversation with the doctor who according to the results of the research creates an individual program, considering it is Your traits, spiritual and physical condition, preferences, and expectations.

Also without SPA-procedures today is very difficult to imagine a figure correction. They took a firm place in the correction figures, cellulite treatment, skin care that is not surprising, because a well-chosen course:

  • improves skin texture
  • reduces the volume of the body;
  • increases elasticity and tone of skin;
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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