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A brief history of pharmacology

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today, thanks to the Internet and books we know about pharmacology almost all the way, you can buy in the online store "Phoenix books". But what is it and how did this science?

Pharmacology can be defined as the study of the effects of various chemical agents on important functions of living organisms. It is, as a science, it was created in the mid-nineteenth century. She was one of many new biomedical Sciences based on principles of experiment, but not the medical dogma. Long before this,  you can tell even at the dawn of civilization some herbs were widely used, and the Pharmacopoeia were written, as well as merchants, druggists flourished, but unfortunately, nothing like it is on scientific principles then were applied.

Even Robert Boyle, the man who laid the scientific foundations of chemistry in the middle of the seventeenth century, when it could go about therapy, he  can recommend to extract  directly from manure, worms, ashes of the dead skull and urine. The impetus for pharmacology was the need to improve the results of all therapeutic interventions of doctors who were qualified at that time for clinical observation and diagnosis, but could not have sufficient knowledge, if you need urgent treatment.


is"the Authoritative treatment"

Until the end of the nineteenth century, information about abnormal and normal funktsionirovania of the body were very rudimentary even to provide the basis for understanding all of the consequences of drug use. But, at the time,  death and disease is seen as a mystical event, which is why the focus was only on authoritarian, but not as scientific doctrine. All clinical practice is led by many authorities, and also ignores the fact that,  easily supported by facts. For example, it is the bark of a tree hin  admitted as a quite effective means to treat malaria in 1765. But already, in 1804, Johnson stated that it is unsafe. And also added that while the fever subsided, in the early stages it is necessary to use large doses of calomel - a killer Board to which mindlessly listened for the next forty years. Motivation to to develop pharmacology came directly from clinical practice, but the science can be built only on the basis of a good secure knowledge and practices in physiology, chemistry and pathology.


What initially studied pharmacology?

In the beginning of its development, before the appearance of synthetic organic chemistry, pharmacology itself was engaged exclusively in the explanation of the effects directly on the human body a variety of natural substances, mainly plant extracts.

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