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Ways of dealing with all infectious diseases

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communicable diseases in the presence of such three factors:

  • the Mechanism of transmission of exciter;
  • the Source of the pathogen;
  • Susceptible it is to infection people.

If to remove at least one of these factors, it will lead to the cessation of infectious disease and its eradication. Preventive and control measures can be conducted in the following areas:

  • Elimination of transmission of the pathogen is required;
  • eliminate source of infection;
  • Increase the immunity of the entire population to infection.

How to neutralize the source of the infection?

to Neutralize the source of infection, when the person who need hospitalization, and isolation and treatment. Necessary vaccination, which may reduce the risk of getting an infectious disease, significantly reduces the number of sources  infection, as it can help minimize the risk of infection. In this way fight infections in the occurrences of various kinds of epidemic situations. When the source of infection can be animal, they destroy (with plague, rabies, foot and mouth disease). It is important – fully  eliminate the source of infection is not always possible.


so you can destroy the infection for a long time?

Elimination of transmission of any infection can largely be achieved by keeping it sanitary and hygienic norms. With a variety of intestinal infectious diseases (typhoid, dysentery, etc.) minimizes the spread of infections through the holding of different sanitary measures. Directly in infections of the respiratory tract is very difficult to interrupt all routes of transmission. If you have blood infection to eliminate transmission by destroying the vector control insecticidal preparations.


Immunization of population

Increase population immunity to many infections immunization is achieved through the use of preventive vaccination. The vaccination has been successfully carried out the struggle directly with:

  • tetanus
  • grips (by the way to prevent the DOF today can also use high-performance BAA );
  • diphtheria
  • whooping cough
  • hepatitis B
  • polio
  • TB
  • pig
  • rubella
  • and many others.

Vaccination (vaccination), to stimulate the human immune system – it gets specific immunity to fight the diseases that confront his natural immunity. A vaccination introduces weakened or killed by agent (or  artificial analogue of it is protein agent) to stimulate important primary immune response — it production in the body itself of the antibodies. Thus, it appears that when meeting a pathogen, the immune system can "remember" and respond with the right reaction with mild disease, or the reduction of gravity for its existence.

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