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How alcohol affects the human body?

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Mankind has been familiar with alcohol since ancient times. The culture of drinking alcoholic beverages originates in the middle East long before the emergence of the first powerful civilizations of the Egyptians, the Sumerians, ancient Indians. According to scientists, even in the seventh or eighth Millennium BC when they first began to sow barley and wheat, the opportunity to produce low alcohol drinks. First, in the form of beer.

Later, when they began to cultivate grapes that people have learned to make wine. However, even then the fortress of alcoholic beverages does not exceed 10-20 degrees. Now many people are interested in the question Why today we are more detail about this talk.

Alcohol for religious ceremonies

First, alcoholic beverages are consumed during religious ceremonies. Then, according to the etiquette of hospitality, came to be used in the household. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Teutons, there was a feast of Bacchus or Dionysus - when I took a solid alcoholic Orgy.

Problem drinking

for the suppression Of drunkenness there is much talk in the media, in Newspapers. This issue affects almost every citizen who is faced with her - parents, police officers, leaders of enterprises and institutions.

Alcohol – evil

Our society cannot be indifferent to the question of why this phenomenon still exists in us, why it grows to an enormous size? After all, even children know that alcohol is evil. People under the influence of alcohol loses control and can lead to big trouble, primarily for yourself, your family and without the state.

How can understand medicine alcoholism?

In the medical understanding of alcoholism is a disease due to excessive alcohol consumption. This leads to serious consequences and stress on the human body.

  1. primarily affects the stomach, since the alcohol first penetrates the esophagus and burns the delicate mucous membrane.
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  3. Then the extremely negative impact of alcohol is on the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver is the first and last diagnosis for alcoholic.
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  5. is Very harmful alcohol affect other vital organs - the heart. It can not provide normal blood circulation, resulting in suffering pressure.
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  7. Excessive alcohol consumption has a negative impact on chronic disease. Complications may appear. The list can be long. Drunkenness can be described one sentence – this:
  • Public calamity;
  • the
  • Undermines health;
  • the
  • Spoils family relationships;
  • the
  • Is the cause of many divorces;
  • the
  • Deprives a person of willpower
  • the
  • Is the cause of many crimes.

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