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What is household allergies

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the term “household allergies" already usually considered quite different manifestations of Allergy appear in response to the usual factors that surround man in his daily life: house, home, apartment. More information about the methodology can be found on the website:


house dust is the most common cause of allergies

Home and library dust and substances of household chemicals, namely dry food aquarium fish, feathers, wool epidermis  birds and animals there are a number of other major factors that cause the development of household allergies.

the Most frequent cause of the Allergy is house dust. If to consider it carefully under a microscope, we can see that it consists of hair, and also dandruff of man, fluff pillows, carpet fibers, and featherbeds, fine particles of clothing, books, fungi, dried saliva and coat all the Pets and particles insects.


Insects of the genus Dermatophagoides

Any of these components can cause allergies. But, however decisive role directly in the formation of the Allergy is played by the so-called mikroklima, which are directly in house dust.

All the insects kind of Dermatophagoides can only be seen under a microscope. They are in every home. Main place of activity data ticks — it's a human bed. Here are the best conditions so they multiply: the increased humidity and temperature. Totally ticks do not bite, they can eat a flat epithelium and dust particles. Much breeding, they are in bed, and especially in autumn and winter, mites can spread throughout the apartment, and in large numbers are found in bedding, clothing,  shoes at home, under baseboards and soft toys. Cause allergies and aquatic vegetation, as well as the allocation of ticks.


Domestic chemicals:

Substances of household chemicals cause allergies can different ways. And most of them have a direct irritant (irritant) effects on the respiratory tract. And such action can have paint, chlorine, solvents,  items of perfumes and cosmetics and many others. Some of them, for example, detergents with added enzymes, these can be allergens and cause difficult allergic reactions. Irritant effects have also many sharp-smelling food products, and essential oils.


Passive Smoking

a Special place in the development of allergies is second hand smoke. It is well known that the stable presence of a Smoking family member increases the risk of diseases - bronchial asthma in most cases. The smoke is not an allergen.



In emergence of complex household allergies play an enormous role in persistent colds, especially viral. In the midst of colds affect only the mucosa of the respiratory tract, and this greatly facilitates the penetration of all inhaled epidermal and, of course, household allergens.

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