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Fashion makeover 2016: main news

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a New year for many of us associated with cardinal changes and often these changes in women begin to create a new image, a major component of which is a good makeover.
for anybody not a secret that every year fashion offers us more and more new products, fashionable trends and requirements to female beauty. 2016 is no exception. Makeup artists don't forget to improve and offer new fashion trends in makeup. By the way, learn about it .


we Offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic:

  • Shiny face. This year the funds to make the skin Mat recede into the background. Now fashion shiny celebrity skin. And only such a framework is suitable for makeup in the style of "natyurel".
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  • Brown. Zatusovana eyebrows, negligence and blur in the painting of the eyelids and brown shades in Smoky-eyes - this makeup will give the image of confidence and audacity.
  • the
  • thick eyebrows. Thin drawn eyebrows aren't in fashion now. At the peak of popularity wide brown or grey-brown eyebrows, prisoners with a gel, wax or special top coat.
  • the
  • Lipstick. Choosing the color of lipstick in 2016, should give preference to dark shades. Burgundy, brown, purple, blame - should be the main colors for coloring the lips.
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  • Bright blush. Specialists in makeup year refused a light blush. Now it is necessary to give preference to bright colors and such apply blush not only on the cheeks but on the nose and forehead.
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  • Tangerine, orange, coral shade, and unchanged classic black hands - is also among the main trends of 2016.

so today you learned about how you can become more beautiful and confident woman. The main thing - do not overdo it. I recommend firstly to read a little information about how to do makeup and only then proceed. Remember that a beautiful woman should always be an example for those who do not want to take care of. So, good luck with your changes!

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