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That buuut rsdavid cibul?

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Already scho-scho, and cibolo can nazvati nternationally ovocha. It is hard immediately of skadate though one swova the kitchen, not vykarystouvac used the Chi hi rsdavid cibul. I not important, Chi TSE in the quality of the main Greta (for example, the French tsybuleve PIRG, zibeline soup) or storage elements strawi (cyclen salati, zapinki todo). By the way, more information you can read on site:


history cibul

it Is believed, that znayomstvo man s culture cibul happened very long ago. Although zarodilas tsybuleva culture, about 6000 years ago in Meritor Afganistanu I Nd, and then through China to Persia potrapila I Gipet. In Gift cibula even became the subject of a cult. Staredown Elly and Romans Covali , for antibotics wlasciwosci, that boules VDOM already then. The diet Propack Cibola uvilla in 12 St. of Course, all the more so DCI the ovocha was Vivoli in EU post people, wish stay stabilise to nogo W neprikajannoi sawagou, but vykarystouvac cibolo Yak Mahon talsman. It was considered, that zibeline the amulet will be able zachistit won sbro from the enemy. At one hour Yak-Stop in Cibola already included in the diet, Blizkomu Shod , vykarystouvac in the quality of common currency. For example, chibuleo rasplakalsya, vykupavto Poloniny. I won wedgewelly velicescu role in Razon Russian peasant. , kotowali itself so often Yak ru or cabbage. Special popularity of aristobulos dish W cibul, Yak Bulo Zalite kvass.


Rsdavid cibul

first of all, sortie cibul can rozdelit on category klikt for scho mstetice in gnome afrnic oils and Sukru:

  • GOSTR I GRK sortie (9-12% cukru);
  • the
  • Napsack sortie (8-9% cukru);
  • the
  • Sweet sortie (4-8% cukru).

Most sweet sortie mstate nimensa cukru, but I nimensa afrnic oils, and the same zdajotsa solids from other. GOSTR, GRC I napugat sortie cibul vdmn pdebt for cooking first I straw other. Wherein GOSTR sortie castle vykorystovuyutsia at przygotowan m'yasnyh straw, napugat - in przygotowan ribnic I ovocheva straw. W sweet sort cibul gotout rsement desserts.


Chop Cibola

This sort cibul Sigma first W major MSCI mid other ovacv. He enter the Yak skladova part for sosw, Garnov, saletv. Vykorystovuyutsia Yak main great at przygotowan supv (French kitchen, kitchen Svedska), Nalco souffle I Pirogov. Onions virouse in the main in AZ. Vykorystovuyutsia in salads, as stuffing for baslc rsdavid Pirogov, sapchenko, stews. Also Nada vishukani relish soups and bullionism. Especially relish cibul-leek raskryvaetsja in Poznan W cerami. Some Kuhar navit parseroot Clin of stable resonantly fillings.



Won virouse on Blizkomu Shod I in Seredni As. Structure cibul-shallot duzhe Nina, then relish cibul not escravo viragini, for what he cnuts I have Francuski Kuhn when przygotowan resonantly sosw. Virosta practical for all Meritor in Europe. Qiu chibulu the usually not pdout teplovi opobs, and vykorystovuyutsia at Swamy wiggled in different salads or goduti in strawi bezposrednio before serving. SRL of stable clam pdebt Yak toppings for Pirog and sucta cibul, that, by the way, the same vykorystovuyutsia in Konar, you can saimaiti.



this Increases the variety cibul in Kita I popularni when przygotowan asinski straw. For example, a goduti in japonski MSO soup. The th in General this kind cibul vdmn podnutz zi Straume on sovago of ABO ribnogo cosv.


Cibola bohaterska

Place of residence is China. I kulinar vykorystovuyutsia for saletv, Garnov, different seasonings. Moreover, often marinuyut sum of tsibulenko, that vdmn pthalate to irnich sorts'yasa. So immediately klika vidv addition to the grade - kitaiskii, japonski and korejski. Ostan two ViDi varanytsia more with a tender gusto. Vykorystovuyutsia in asinski Kuhn in stravaj, that gatautis in skovorod, wok, salads W moreproduct and public fish protection, but also in different marinades.



Increases in wild wiggled on Meritor Pudendo-Shane AZ. Vykorystovuyutsia in the main in korejski nazionalny Kuhn. I Swamy wiggled a main storage Salat, supv, kemchi.

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