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Correction of dental malocclusion in young children

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that's an overbite in all children can be for very different reasons, but the main one is, of course, bad habits. Many kids love a very long time to suck on their pacifiers, their fingers, bite their lips or tongue. All this directly affects the formation of their bite at adult age.
That you avoid the development of such anomalies, should always be time to turn to modern the orthodontist. proves that it is much easier to avoid the difficulty of malocclusion development, than then to treat this disease. In childhood to correct your bite you can much easier, than certainly in the adult. By the way, in Kiev for a consultation to a pediatric orthodontist, you can enroll in the clinic “kids dental”.


overbite your child need to quickly treat

If you will not do, it will lead to such consequences:

  • Increases great burden on all the teeth during the meal, which in turn, may lead to a difficult the development of periodontal disease;
  • There is a huge likelihood of developing various diseases of the temporomandibular joints, which also leads to a very strong headache or pain in your chewing muscles;
  • the Curvature of all teeth, and deformation of the entire profile of your beautiful face.

To quickly and easily fix the bite of your  child, doctors sometimes use braces, different discs or trainers. It is the choice of method depends on the condition of your teeth.



Trainers now you can use it to adjust all of malocclusion at an early age. They are also recommended to carry small children, who were only five years old. With the great help of such trainers can be always to cure the cause of such a difficult occurrence of malocclusion and not just its consequences. Trainers always painless and very easy to remove. They are well made from the highest quality silicone.


Orthodontic braces

As a modern method of treatment is very of malocclusion in children are now the only removable Orthodontic braces. Good dentist with a little help from these unique plates can quickly prevent all the incorrect offset teeth, fix teeth in a certain position, and change the entire shape of the large jaw bone.



Oh, and one more modern method of dealing with the bite irregular shape is the installation of braces. They sometimes have a unique view of the locks or plates are well attached to teeth, and cause them to move in the right direction.

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