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Tooth decay can ... get infected

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Not all moms know that kissing a young child on the lips is almost the same that lay in little mouth accident waiting to happen. Experts caution: for up to four years a child is at risk of becoming infected through kissing is not only herpes but also bacteria, which in future can lead to stomach ulcers and ... tooth decay. should be done under the supervision of doctors.


What is tooth decay?

Scientists have proved that caries is an infectious disease, the pathogen which can be transmitted including via a kiss. Caries, like many other dental diseases, recently rejuvenated. Black holes appear on milk teeth. And not only the bacteria spoil the teeth of the baby. Malocclusion, stomatitis, gum problems - these and many other problems we have to solve children's dentistry. Of those who returns the child a beautiful smile, tells the chief doctor of dental clinics "Traffic light” Nadezhda Ivanovna.


Nadezhda Ivanovna, you work in a clinic for a very long time. To really gain the trust of young patients it is always difficult?

Usually children come to the dentist or with poorly concealed fear, or, as here are quite small and can actively defend themselves from "evil aunt in a white robe" - such they see doctors in their child's imagination. Spit, fight, yell, do not give a treat, can even stain your doctor from head to toe (triggers a gag reflex) - as you can see, what our work is extreme. Remember yourself in childhood, did not have adults firmly hold you in your seat until the dentist manipulates your teeth? Very important to be able to work with children, to find an approach to them, to sustain their displeasure. Many young doctors are not psychologically withstand voltage, which is created by their behavior their patients (and we have treated children of all ages, from infants to 17-year-olds). That's why the clinic staff shortages, doctors are looking for a more easy and peaceful earnings.


more Frequent visits to the dentist in the spring?

a Visit to our clinic is popular during all seasons. Common causes of winter "problems" with the teeth - hockey, skating and tobogganing; in summer "enemies" for the teeth become swings, roller skates, scooters, skateboards and the like. Except that in the summer often exacerbated inflammatory processes, may appear complications from delayed treatment of teeth.


What to do to the dentist I had to visit less frequently?

Worry about the teeth from early childhood. Any accident can ruin the natural smile for life. 50 percent of dental health depends on hygiene, exactly the same amount from the state of the internal organs (these can be hereditary diseases, and acquired). The main thing is to teach a child to properly rinse, rinse (this is to make a solution of salt and soda that equalizes the acidic environment taken from carbohydrates) mouth, because there are more microbes that negatively affect the teeth and not to eat at night sweet and regular brushing. The observance of these simple rules is the key to a beautiful smile! And most importantly: no matter teeth hurt or not, make it a rule to visit the dentist at least every six months.

after Talking with a specialist and receiving valuable advice, walked out of the office, which was afraid of nothing in childhood. And now I must say, what these doctors I'd trust the health of the smile of their children. And you comply with the tips which you have read in our article?

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