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What are the types of engraving

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the pattern or signature on the piece of metal will give your gift value and uniqueness. Today there are just 4 methods of printing on metal:

  • electrochemical coating
  • mechanical engraving
  • manual coloring paint;
  • laser engraving.

Electrochemical coating

Engraving made by this method is the most common. It is very easy to use. In order to implement it doesn't even have to be a professional artist.


Mechanical engraving

In this case, you will need a special tool - engraver and other tools. To carry out the engraving with this method, you must have the skills graveron, because without that clear sign just will not work. Now you can find engraving workshops, though often, they will offer only standard labels. About the uniqueness of you can only dream of. This engraving is inexpensive.


Manual brushing paint

In this method, paint is applied either manually or with the help of stencils. This is the easiest application method available. However it has one drawback – such an inscription can be removed without much difficulty using abrasives or solvent. From this it follows that the long inscription in this way do not work.


Laser engraving

With the help of this type of engraving you will be able to put the image in various shades and detail. True here used very expensive equipment. This implies that laser engraving can only be done in special ateliers. For example, you can do that here:

Further more detail, we consider an electrochemical engraving method.


What you might need in the process of engraving?

this method of engraving you will need a few affordable and simple adaptations:

  • wire
  • current of about 0.5 And;
  • iron
  • duct tape or Scotch tape
  • tissue paper;
  • a little plasticine;
  • salt solution
  • cotton swabs
  • female colorless nail Polish.

everything from vysheperechislennyh you can easily find in almost any home. In that case, if something in your home will not be - you can the missing items be found in the nearest store. The cost of this kit is very small. That is why today, the electrochemical etching has a very wide application.

Engraving can be applied to almost any flat surface made of metal. It is desirable that it was polished. Engraving is not suitable embossed surface.

the Text or image that you want directly onto a metal article, it is necessary to prepare and after print it on a laser printer.

Basic process
Directly before the actual engraving needs with the help of alcohol liquids to degrease and clean working surface made of metal. After this treatment the surface is better not to touch.

Pre-cut pattern to Preludium to the desired area. In order to avoid shifts that are necessary to prepare the tweezers.

Next using the iron you need to heat up our image along with the surface of the metal. The temperature necessary to podmetaetsya individually, since it depends on the properties of the metal itself. You should start with the maximum heat for several minutes.

if the surface is uneven, you will need to use cotton swabs, and diligently go through all the "problem" of places without exception.

Now we need to give our product to cool. Then you can remove the blank paper from the product. As a result of manipulation of the image will remain on the surface. The next step was to separate the figure from the 2nd surface with adhesive tape and clay. After this, you will need to make some kind of bath where you salivate saline.

Next, the positive wire should be connected to the surface of the product, and the negative wire will need to be placed in the salt solution, but not touching the metal. Definitely have to make sure the 2nd wire is not touching any metal, that is the bottom, otherwise there will be a short circuit.

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