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Professional teeth whitening

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Probably each of us wants to make her appearance more perfect and more attractive to others. And modern dentistry can provide many ways to achieve the desired goal. By the way, for more information you can find in the dental clinic ARDC or on the website: .


Features teeth whitening

One of the most popular and sought after of all varieties of dental services is teeth whitening procedure. To do this type of work have highly skilled experts, because the attempt to do it yourself whitening quite often do more harm than good. It is well known that white excellent smile is not only a sign of health, but also material prosperity. In our time, unfortunately, serious problems with teeth are available in almost every person. Fortunately, modern techniques in dentistry can  safely and quickly fix them.


causes of changes color teeth:

throughout your life your teeth are subjected to tremendous negative effects of all the different dyes that can be present in foods, drugs, beverages tobacco and different cosmetics. And the end result is teeth  can change their color. Also an important cause of descolorida can be trauma to the tooth or endodontic root canal treatment. Each of these cases requires a professional whitening. All dental hygiene offers are a lot of various methods to whiten teeth, which differ among themselves not only for the duration of the procedure, but also the cost.


What is the procedure?

the Process of teeth whitening – it is a complex chemical process to eliminate pellicule and surface stains from teeth problem. Don't confuse the bleaching with bleaching. As a result of the procedure, the tooth acquires natural color.

Is teeth whitening is divided into such two types – professional  clinical bleaching, home-made, which is done by self-application of bleaching gel at home.


What is clinical whitening?

Clinical bleaching is carried out in the clinic and can last for about one and a half to two hours. To whiten teeth the patient daily need  to wear special mouth guards made by a dentist for each patient individually. Mouthguards pre-filled with silicone gel.


Zoom whitening

With a professional whitening gel in addition to the doctor can use a proprietary bulb ZOOM. Due to the effect of light lamps it is atomic oxygen is activated, and also contributes to the discoloration of all the dark age spots that are present in tooth enamel. This method allows the patient to have a beautiful smile, which lightened eight shades, only one hour.

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