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What is the cause of depression in modern society?

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Why so often, at every step, especially from the young people say: «I am depressed". What is the magic of this word? What happened to the people, with our environment? In our world it is difficult to feel real, because we were hostage of a sick society. People, without getting psychological training to new, harsh living conditions, began to fuss, they're devastated by the fear of an unknown future. We have absorbed this world since birth, her parents, the attitudes of their peers, learning at school.
a Significant part of the tension and pain in our lives is the result of distorted values, ideas and expectations inherent in us from childhood. More information about human health, visit the website: .


So why comes this condition called depression?

It was born from the fear in which people live a long time. The anxiety and stress that arise in response to some vital reasons that cause irritation. Voltage people can create vain attitude to life, hastily thought - all this knocks the body from a single, natural rhythm, patients generates vibrations and, eventually, leads to imbalance, but you need to understand that any human disease is a consequence of reduction of information and energy potential - simply put, a person does not have enough energy.

In depression and oppressive conditions people feel they are unnecessary in this life, especially people, which fits the retirement age, they change the perception of life, obenaus desire and as a consequence comes the physical and spiritual impotence. People set themselves the border, closing the future, but need to be interesting at any age, to set feasible, sometimes tasks "on" and solve them.
Depressed single people

inherently a social person, and it is important to know that he needed someone that he is loved, respected looks, at least want to understand, without that nobody can feel full, even if there is success in business and career . Strangely enough, but the life of the rich and successful people are also prone to this condition. And the reason is the first loss of rest, and then comes frustration and boredom occurs because around a lie, a game to the public, the use of each other. Depression can come to people, when seriously ill child or deceased loved one and then comes the despair, the emptiness, the indifference appears to itself, vanish paint from life.

the Main emotion of depression is sadness mixed with guilt, despair, fear. When depression of the search activity is reduced, slowing down the emotion regulation, the person concentrates on a single thought, unable to break out of the vicious circle. In no event it is impossible to stop, must be active movement of thought, of energy, of the body.


In psychology, consider the triad of depression:

  • depressed mood
  • the
  • slowed thinking;
  • the
  • Setimagelist motor skills to stupor.

Each of us has a Purpose in the Universe. Man is given freedom of choice earth, she is responsible for his thoughts and actions. For instance, chooses suffering and gets pleasure from it ... sometimes it seems that everything conspired against, want to press, to crush, and in fact the man himself has programmed the position of the victim - it is easier and simpler than to take responsibility for maintaining their body.


the Role of the victim - the eternal position of the sufferer

the Victim's psychological state. The man was not injured, but was seen as inflated himself, believed in what he invented, closing the feedback loop. The man himself nadumuyut suffering, detached from objective reality and fixate on virtuality. If You center your consciousness created the illusion of the continuation of the tragedy that might assist in a clear analysis of the situation.

the Golden rule of mental health - positive attitude, love of self. It is important to switch from one state to another and have an inner core that is to be yourself.

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