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What is endometriosis ovarian

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Endometriosis call the location of the tissue in its structure similar to the endometrium (tissue lining of the uterus) anywhere outside directly to the mucosa of the uterus. The ovaries are the most common sites of endometriosis. Its development in the ovaries often leads to the appearance of endometrial cysts (cavities in the ovary, filled with altered blood). More details on the website: .


How is endometriosis ovarian?

First of all endometrioid cysts - this is a factor in infertility, because these tumors disrupt the function of the ovaries. Active progressing ovarian endometriosis after some time can cause significant depletion of the follicular apparatus, which, in turn, reduces the chances of getting pregnant in a natural cycle.

in addition, endometrioma cysts are often combined with adhesions and other forms of endometriosis. Characteristic of external endometriosis adhesions, leading to alteration of interactions between bodies, thereby creating a mechanical obstacle to the promotion of eggs. A tumor in the ovary can cause discomfort in the abdomen and pain during sex.


How to treat endometriosis ovarian?

endometriodnoy Having a cyst, the woman will be very hard to get pregnant, however if released, the cyst may be reduced, but also may increase - and here it is better not to risk, so that in the future it will not have to remove during pregnancy. But after a laparoscopic surgery when you manage to get pregnant, the pregnancy will be the best medicine, that endometriosis never came back!

At present the main method of diagnosis of this disease, in addition to traditional examination at the gynecologist - an ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

depending on the clinical picture of a possible diagnosis of certain goals to be achieved in the treatment, the treating physician is a plan of the survey individually.

Today, it is generally on the 1st stage of treatment be performed. And to prevent a recurrence after surgery, taking hormonal therapy.

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