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How to restore enamel old bathtubs

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Over time, the bathtub loses its original appearance, on its surface appear rusty marks, smudges and it loses its gloss. Look at your tub and if it looks that way, then it's time to replace it with a new one. However to avoid excessive expenses can help you restoration your "old lady". Moreover, to hold her you can even independently. Just need to know the correct sequence of actions, and must adhere to specific rules, more about this will tell us Pavlov A. K. is an employee of the company "COMFORT-Service", which, by the way, you can order a professional . And so, in order to restore the damaged enamel of your bath, you need to have such instruments and means as:

  • electric drill
  • the attachment of the grinding wheel;
  • spray or brush
  • respirator
  • lint-free fabric
  • degreasing composition;
  • sandpaper
  • gloves
  • powder
  • rust Converter
  • two-component enamel.

educational process

tainted enamel, you need to pour an abrasive powder, then cleaned it grinding wheel or sandpaper. It is very important to treat the rust, those areas that are struck by corrosion. After half an hour, the surface should be polished with sand papers.

After that, the formed chips and the enamel should be cleaned with water and the tub to walk lint free cloth, pre-soaked in a degreasing solution. At the next stage the tub to fill with hot water and after 10 minutes drain the water and obturate her. It is important, that in the end the surface was perfectly dry and clean without any extraneous elements.


As the enamels

  • the enamel must be connected with the hardener and mix well;
  • next apply the enamel with the help of spray or brush
  • then wait as long as specified in the manufacturer's instructions enamel
  • and apply another 1-in layer of enamel.


the restoration of the baths is over. To start using this bath you may, not earlier than 7 days after the procedure recovery. Renovated bath in this way, will last you about 8 years.

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