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Thermal pools in Berehove and Koson

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shoreline – is a small Transcarpathian town, which is famous in Ukraine for its thermal springs, because the water has a high mineral content. But also, not only in the Berehove and Berehove and throughout the district there are unique hot springs.


the effect of the local thermal water on the human body

for anybody not a secret that stay in hot mineral water has a positive effect  on the entire human body as a whole. After all, the pores are cleansed, and the whole body is filled with health. Such healing properties of this water have been proved by many medical research and the result is already due to several bathing can be seen there.


Known thermal pool and its therapeutic action

Perhaps the most famous thermal pool it is the pool, which was built in the 1960s, near the famous sports base "the Carpathians". These pools are renowned for the variety of nutrients and minerals and bathing in this water is the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The water is full of sodium, fluorine, silicic acid, and many other very useful minerals.


Thermal water Kosino

the complex under the name "" there are 5 swimming pools: 2 pools -"twins" directly with thermal water, a large thermal, freshwater pool with Aqua bar and wading pool. They are all surrounded by comfortable paths, swings, lounge chairs,  equipped with numerous fountains and underwater railings and geysers. Pools also adapted itself and for people with different disabilities.


Included in this a range of additional entertainment and services :

  • "Royal hall" - there's a pump room directly with mineral water and the hall is decorated with busts of kings and the throne of Hungary. Here you can get qualitative consultation of a doctor, and relax on benches;
  • the
  • recreation Room – it is a recreational area with sunbeds and tea room; 
  • the
  • Finnish sauna
  • the
  • "chard" – this is a restaurant which serves superb Hungarian and Transcarpathian dishes.

Only on the territory of the complex during the warm season : water football, three slides, extreme Park, badminton and volleyball.

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