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The design of buildings and structures

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the Fundamental, the mandatory stage of construction is the design of structures and buildings. This stage includes a complex of works on creation of a single system, which includes engineering, design, architectural, technological and design solutions. Directly from the quality of the project depend on: the reliability of the structure, comfort of living, attractive appearance, durability and safety of the object.

Projectie organizations often offer their customers the following projects consumer services and public catering, retail (major malls, markets), health institutions (hospitals, sanatoriums, clinics), entertainment and educational institutions, hotel complexes, multi-storey julyh houses, industrial buildings (factories, hangars, warehouses or industrial buildings, auto centers, garages, multi-storey car parks, Parking lots). By the way, in Astana to order the design of buildings and structures, you can "CTC Holding": .


Main stages of the design:

  • Development of the project scope;
  • preliminary design
  • final project development.

After receiving the project, the customer can go to any building company and to proceed immediately to the erection of the object.


Architectural design

In this part includes challenges and issues associated with the development of internal and external appearance of the building (exterior, interior), space-planning decisions. Also included are: a sketch of the project and its construction and architectural part. During architectural design the client is provided a 3-dimensional visualization of the object, also possible follow-up training video.


Engineering structures

This concept is very capacious. It includes the design of those structures, which are referred to a carrier (wall panels, frames, foundations, piles, etc.), and also individual elements, for example: stairs, ladders, platforms,  balcony, canopy, visor. Allocate structures of metal, concrete and wood.

Proper design of the structures gives a guarantee of durability of structure, safety of use and lack of need of major repairs. Important topics are the design who associated with the development of engineering communications (gas, water, electricity, sewage, etc.), activities obezopasit, the protection and safeguarding of the external environment, civil defense and emergency access to people with disabilities, and the organization of the construction.

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