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You will soon have to give birth? Prepare the bag in the hospital.

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Well what can I say - absolutely all maternity hospitals differ from each other, and how different the conditions in these institutions. In some hospitals welcome all "your", even medication, in others, on the contrary, everything except personal items, is prohibited. But if you look globally, the maternity hospitals are very democratic attitude towards the needs and desires of women. That's why the best would be something to put in the emergency room of the hospital, than to feel discomfort.

in Order to not take a lot of things, instead of 1 bag is more convenient to prepare 4-e:

  • No. 1, with which you will directly go to the hospital;
  • No. 2, which will bring relatives immediately after birth;
  • No. 3 in which things are to discharge the child;
  • No. 4, which will lay things on the extract to you personally.

Next, we consider what should be in your bag No. 1, and the content of the remaining 3 bags and then as you can read in detail on the website:


Bag 1:

  • Documents: insurance, passport, birth certificate with voucher No. 2, the exchange map pregnant;
  • Bathrobe (pajamas or light tracksuit) and Slippers
  • Comfortable nightgown from natural fabric
  • Two pairs of cotton socks;
  • Pair of underwear
  • Two towels (face and body). You can also take disposable paper towels
  • hygiene Items: toothbrush case, soap, toothpaste, mirror, comb, disposable razor
  • For the toilet. It is better to take the softest toilet paper, you also have to put disposable covers for toilet seats;
  • Cosmetics: your daily creams for the face and hands, as well as chapstick;
  • Deodorant (take a ball, with hazy, low odor or odorless);
  • scissors
  • Mobile phone (remember to put the charge and charge the balance)
  • Clock (if no cell phone)
  • a kettle or a water boiler;
  • garbage Bags
  • For entertainment: book, magazine, radio, player any other gadget.

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