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What are the types of herpes?

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All kinds of herpes is considered a family of viruses "Herpeveridae". This very large group has approximately one hundred different viruses that can infect amphibians, birds, mammals. But of all these the virus in the human body can live only 8 members of the family. Next , we consider paramaya the human body.


is herpes simplex Virus 1 type (HSV, HSV-1, Herpes Simplex Virus)

It occasionally causes a rash in the mouth, on the lips or on different parts of the face. It is transmitted by contact with the rash. Often in recurrent HSV-1 appear in the same places as last time. If the virus gets in the eye, then ulcers on the cornea or conjunctivitis will develop. When injected into the brain - this virus causes entsefalit.


HSV-2 (herpes simplex virus 2-nd type)

Shows this virus as an eruption of small vesicles, which are located near the anus or in the genital area. HSV-2 can often be obtained through sexual contact. If the 1st infection with HSV-2 happens during pregnancy, it could threaten the development of the child (causing the developing embryo of various pathologies). And during the passage of the child through the birth canal, where there is herpetic rash, there is a huge risk of babies Contracting neonatal herpes.


is Herpes of the 3rd type (the virus of zoster, zoster)

the virus causes shingles (often with complications): - head, body, face, leg or arm. Often, it is unilateral, i.e. rashes appear only 1 side or back to the 1st foot (the wrist). Also he provokes in children chickenpox. Get infected with the virus can only those people whose organisms is herpes zoster and who as a child had chicken pox. You can become infected upon contact with the skin of patients at this type of herpes.


is Herpes of the 4th type (virus Epstein-Barr, EBV)

It is very dangerous for people of all ages. So, once in the body of children through ordinary handshake, with the saliva through the mouth or with air through the nasopharynx, it can either not cause absolutely no harm or cause many serious diseases. EBV causes the development of: hepatitis, oncological diseases (Burkitt lymphoma, carcinoma nasopharyngeal), mononucleosis, herpes angina.


is Herpes of the 5th type (cytomegalovirus)

For healthy people with a fairly strong immune system, this virus poses no danger. His action you can see only people who suffered a very complicated surgery, as well as persons with AIDS and cancer. Even in the moments of activation of the cytomegalovirus almost not affects the skin, but it has a devastating effect on internal organs. Herpes 5 type generates cytomegalovirus infection, and can also lead to death of newborns.


is Herpes of 6-th type

It can be of 2 types can also infect T-lymphocytes. While in the body, it almost does not harm a healthy person, but with the weakening of immunity, it can cause the development of meningoencephalitis, myocarditis, pneumonia, epilepsy. In extremely severe cases, the background can develop limfogranulematoz, lymphadenopathy, which may be a precursor of AIDS. Herpes of 6-th type may cause the development of eosinophilia and cause hypersensitivity to certain medicines. Often, this virus is transmitted by airborne droplets.


is Herpes of the 7th type

the virus official medicine considers inadequate, or because he is known only since 1990, Although it is common, but the disease is very rare. In the human body he lives, often, with the virus of herpes of 6-th type and causes chronic fatigue syndrome.


Herpes virus of the 8th type

This worm has a direct relationship to Kaposi's sarcoma. Study it began in 1994, after he was identified in the 1st time. Its activation is very rare. This virus can manifest itself in cancer patients and in AIDS patients and HIV-infected persons, affecting lymphocytes. Also, this virus causes myeloma, lymphoma and the disease of Castleman.

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