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Rejuvenation tandem "Dimexide" + "Solcoseryl"

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Today is cheap pharmacy drugs can be used successfully as an alternative to expensive procedures and cosmetics. For example:

  • in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks actively using "Mumio" tablets, "Papaverine" and "Caffeine";
  • eye bags can be removed using the "Leveraging";
  • rare eyebrows and eyelashes “treats” "Castor oil";
  • by using the "calcium Chloride" can perform the peeling face.

This list can be supplemented by 2 other drugs – “Solcoseryl” and “Dimexide" that assist get rid of wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.

it is Very difficult to underestimate the effectiveness of the use of this miraculous tandem. Incidentally, details on how to use this pair of drugs can be found on the website: . After application of masks with these drugs your skin will literally get the 2nd youth – it will be cleaned, smoothed, becomes more elastic and shining. Such an amazing result can be obtained thanks to some components that are part of these drugs.


«Solkoseril", for example  is a substance isolated from the blood of dairy calves in a special way purified from proteins. Thanks to him, in skin cells increases collagen production, improves metabolic processes and accelerates the regenerative processes. By the way, "Solcoseryl", you can not only for the face, but you can also namesit this drug and rough skin on knees and elbows - this will help to return them velvety and soft. Also, this ointment will save and flaky dry skin. Also, "Solcoseryl" is able to restore a running chapped skin on heels – you only need to put ointment on the problem areas, and then from top to wear cotton socks and go to bed. A few of these procedures and your skin on the heels will be baby - soft and smooth.



Positive effect "Prof" complements "Dimexide", which has found its place in cosmetology. It helps to increase the influence of active components of the drug ’s Solkoseril" as a result, they are better and faster penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin. In addition, facial mask with "Dimexidum" you can apply for oily skin that is prone to acne. This drug  reduces inflammation and has a pronounced drying properties.

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