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Select post-traumatic rehabilitation equipment

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the Equipment for rehabilitation may need after receiving sports, household, industrial or automotive injuries. In addition, there are situations of pathological injuries (fractures happen through certain processes that occur directly in the tissues or bones). Any injury badly influences man brings discomfort, limit mobility, requires long-term treatment, violates his habitual way of life, requires the restoration of the original locomotion. Dateline more about the types of rehabilitation equipment will tell us Pavlov P. K. is an employee of the company, which supplies professional equipment for rehabilitation.


There are several types of rehabilitation equipment:

  • fractures
  • for seniors
  • the wheelchair.

Equipment for rehabilitation of fractures

For ease of movement for fractures of the foot (and) often used crutches. They are not expensive and are easy to use and therefore are the most common.

They can be of 2 types:

  • podokonnye;
  • underarms

Podokonnye crutches are designed for patients with injuries that require long-term treatment. These crutches are very comfortable for street and home use.

Axillary crutches are used with light injury or temporary disability of the musculoskeletal system. The large majority of these crutches are adjustable in height, which, in turn, allows adjusted to the length of the arms and height of the patient. Produce them with either light weight aluminum, or wood.


Rehabilitation equipment for the elderly

Also to the equipment for rehabilitation are different walkers. Often, they are bought by older people who due to their age it is difficult to move independently.

They come in 2 types:

  • walking
  • fixed
  • on wheels
  • with folding seat.

So, for example, walking on a Walker when moving move the whole mass of the human body. They are sustainable and give the opportunity off the floor equipment directly with most walking, and this means that they minimise the risk of further injuries.

And that fixed wheelchairs walkers need to move before you, that is not very convenient for patients with unstable motor unit.

Also walkers can have wheels (either on both sides or just the front).


wheelchairs for rehabilitation

There are so many kinds of wheelchairs that almost all people can afford to choose the perfect option for rehabilitation. At home wheelchairs light weight and small wheels, it makes it easy to move around. But street stroller is equipped with a high attenuation, that can be more easily react on the pit and gravel that occur along the way. The wheelchair is manual or electric.

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