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Is it possible to cure drug addiction?

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Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll - this was the slogan of the seventies, and, it would seem that there is little to stay that way, but after the sexual revolution and the rejection of the complexes as well as changes in musical styles, drug addiction has become a problem worldwide. Drugs that previously associated the pleasure, joy, happiness, songs and psychedelic hippie culture, now bring to mankind great loss: both material and human.

In particular, in Russia, at least to statistics, every year from drug injection to the death of about 12,000 people. And the number of dependent attached more than 300.000 unconscious. Despite the fact that the UN has made the Russian Federation into the list of 24 countries that need urgent assistance due to the use of narcotic drugs and substances as well as the rapid spread of HIV / AIDS statistics are not decreasing.


causes of addiction

What is the reason for development of drug abuse such a frantic pace in Russia, where, apparently, drugs should not settle down? First of all, our country lies in the center of transits to Europe heroin from countries such as Tajikistan, Afghanistan. Weight problem gives and what we actually a lot of raw materials for the manufacture of drugs: poppy and cannabis are cultivated since ancient times on almost every farm, without a second thought to the owners themselves - but using fantasy local drug addicts.

it is a mistake to assume that addiction is a disease, because this diagnosis is not one disease, which essentially destroys a person's life. Manifestations drug addiction is considered a dependence of a person as psychologically and mentally from regular drug use, and the development of the so-called syndrome of absistence, after termination. Next, let's talk about the treatment of this problem and will tell us about this Markova Irina Andreevna psychologist drug rehabilitation center “Hope”, which performs .


Treatment of addiction

This is an extremely complicated and multistage process. When a person suddenly stops using drugs, the body begins a vivid manifestation of all the diseases that have emerged, but due to the "power" of drugs have been muted. Most assistance is manifested through long-term headache, body aches, occurrence of hypertensive crisis and acute renal failure. It is best in this situation is to contact a specialized clinic, because the treatment of drug addiction can't be realized by the addict, how conscious he was not, and, moreover, an extremely difficult task for loved ones and friends, because a person's thinking, has long been addicted.

a specialised clinic for each patient choose individual therapy, wishing to ensure complete anonymity and gradually begin to release the man from under the shackles of drugs. In addition to helping patients survive and recover in a difficult period of addiction, specialists are able to help him adapt to normal life and get rid of symptoms of diseases that the patient received during the dependency.



the Deliverance of the drowning - the handiwork of the drowning, do not forget about it! Life is too valuable to waste it on drugs and start treatment immediately, or better yet - keep the thorny path of drugs.

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