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What is massage therapy and what are the definitions of scoliosis?

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Scoliosis is a chronic, progressive disease of the spine, which is characterized by an arcuate curvature in the frontal plane and twisting of the vertebrae around the vertical axis, the so-called "torsion". Most people, when we talk about scoliosis, I understand that this kind of wrong posture and so forth. In detail, it is important to understand the essence of the disease, how it develops and what its causes. By the way, you can also find out more information about on the website:


Causes of scoliosis

Among those reasons can be as well-known things (the wrong seat at the Desk, wearing the wrong goods), and other problems that people just don't know.


What is the weakness of the muscular system?

There is such a thing as weakness of the muscular system - the muscles, the task of which is to hold the torso are in the wrong position. There are situations when the child begins to grow quickly and the muscles do not have time for bones. Then the task of parents is to pay attention and to react to consult a doctor who will provide recommendations. By the way, scoliosis is probably the only disease that is not cured by pills. So the massage has a great importance in this case. The problem is that doctors often fluctuate, the cost is to prescribe a course of massage or not. Because often the patient is not in hospital, and to private therapists, but they may not understand that diseases such as the weakness of the muscular system, does not fit the usual scheme of classical massage - not both halves of the back to massage the same. Because in one part of the back muscles are stretched and toned muscles.


what to look for when determining scoliosis?

In the first place - to the shoulder level. They must be on the same level. When there is a scoliosis, one shoulder raised, the other lowered. Same thing with blades. Still pay attention to the triangle between waist and elbow. One side of the triangle will be more, with another almost imperceptible. It is therefore very important to see all this in advance and conduct necessary measures.


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