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Why many people choose the clinic MILAVEYA?

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Clinic MILAVEYA was founded just 12 years ago, that is in 2014, but today is one of the most popular services:

  • Reduction of body weight;

  • the
  • Hardware cosmetology;

  • the
  • Injectable cosmetology;

  • the
  • And therapeutic cosmetology.

This applies to only new and very effective technology directly to reduce body weight, which was developed by the founder of the famous clinic MILAVEYA: - Nicholas Chagaevym. Let us know in more detail what is its essence.


What programmes are for weight loss?

  1. the First and very popular program is that use a multi needle chadaeva “QUAD”. The first and important rule in this program is to calculate the main causes of overweight and prescribe just the right treatment. In order to do need to analyze what is the daily diet and diet, the patient observes. Individual treatment is appointed only in accordance with the age, height, gender, body weight and other patient. By the way, after you install this needle you will be able to control your appetite about six months or more. Also during this program to be Endermologie anti-cellulite vacuum-roller massage;

  2. the
  3. the Second known program considered to use invisible needle (i.e., gel). The main difference between this program and the previous is that spend the electrolipolysis and sonacotra problem areas.;

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  5. the Third way is to be conducted with sessions of electro auricular points. It is characterized by what happens controlled braking of appetite of electro auricular points, lipomassage ozone therapy and common panniculitis.



so, if you still doubt how to lose weight, I recommend you to visit this clinic. The facilities and service are at the highest level, and the result is available.

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